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You could use a 30.06 or 7mm to hunt deer at 500yds.


No serious hunter would shoot at an animal that far away.

338 lapua

If you can "Reliably" hit the vitals on a game animal at 500yds ensure that shot placement and caliber are sufficent to execute a clean kill. If not then pass on the shot. A magnum will do it but ammo cost are rising and with that enharent flinch that many get from massive recoil it may not serve you well. Bullet weight and style play an important role in trajectory out to 500 yds epecially when wind is a factor so try to find a balance between sectional density and ballistic co-efficients. Check the wind drift charts from ammo manufacturers for info on this to get a visuallization . If you can hit a target at 500 can you do the same when the rifle is set for point blank range ( lets say 250 yds ), from a semi kneeling position ( where you stopped at when you saw him ), with ammo that you've tested in both hot and cold climates ( at least 200 rounds worth ), with a slight 5 degree declination in the land ( on a hill- changes range ), a 15 mph crosswind at 125 yds and a 20 mph gust at 300 yds etc.. etc.. with the sun slightly in your eyes and your heart pounding ? If you can then yes a 30-06 will do nicely. I can hit the target at 982 yds ( my longest recorded shot on paper targets ) but I like to sneak into about 50 yds with my 44 mag pistol and a SxS 20 guage because my great grandpa told me it was called " HUNTING " and not " SHOOTING ". Hope this helped some

There is a web site; They regularly shoot at game between 500 and 1,000 yards. However, they are using a custom built rifle and scope that together will cost you about $7,000. Too rich for my blood. Make your hunt a 'hunt'. Get in there closer and make it a challenge.

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Q: What rifle should you use to hunt deer at 500 yards in Texas?
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