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What rights did the neutral countries had during war?


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They can tray with any nation as long that its not war materials.


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They may trade with other countries as long as it's not war material or war plans.

They are called neutral nations. These countries were neutral during World War 2: Spain, Norway, Portugal, Ireland, and Switzerland.

Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the Vatican remained neutral during the war.

It was Spain that remained Neutral during WW 2

The bordering countries of Laos & Cambodia were neutral.

During World War I, the notable neutral nations were Spain, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Sweden, and Switzerland are some of the countries that stayed neutral during WW2

Switzerland and Spain, Denmark and Norway were neutral but Hitler brought them into the war

Many countries were neutral during World War I, like Switzerland.

There were some countries that were neutral during World War 2 that invaded Germany. These countries included the United States and Sweden.

During World War I, Switzerland, Spain, and the Scandinavian nations remained totally neutral.

Yes. A number of European countries are neutral and were neutral during conflicts such as World War II. Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland are three such countries, and there are others.

all countries in europeapart from iceland, briton and the neutral countries

Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and other countries were neutral. See link below.

Switzerland, Netherlands(holland), Portugal

All of Europe (except neutral countries), United States, and Russia.

Countries in Europe not occupied by German In WWII: Britan (Allied) Iceland (Allied) Switzerland (Neutral) Sweden (Neutral) Ireland (Neutral) Spain (Neutral)

Because it was in their own self interest.

They just didn't pick a side to fight for.

belgium, poland, and all those countries in between

These countries were neutral during the Second World War:Eire (Republic if Ireland)SwedenSwitzerlandSpainAfghanistanPortugalDenmark was officially neutral but was occupied by Germany throughout the war.Some countries in the Americas remained neutral until the closing few months of the war. These included Chile and ArgentinaAlso you can add Andorra, Guatemala, Liechtenstein, Saudi Arabia and Yemen to the list.While the Northern Irish fought on the Allied side, the remainder of Ireland stayed neutral.

With respect, a country that fights in a war is notneutral.

Neutral countries were Switzerland, Sweeden, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland

Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, and republic of Ireland

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