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What rights do you have as a co-op rentee?

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You should seek the advice of a lawyer if you want to exercise your legal rights. This is not legal advice, merely suggestions on things you may want to inquire/ask about. First, your lease/rental agreement will define your relationship. Take the time to read it, it will provide you with many answers. Second, if you have an issue that interrupts the quality of your tenancy, you should decide what result you want. Do you want your co-op to fix the problem, or do you want out? If your rented space is residential, you may have more statutory rights, such as the implied warranty of habitability (all residential leases must be habitable - running water, heat, electric, safe, etc.). If where you live is dangerous or uninhabitable, then you may have rights you can exercise. The same holds true if the landlord/co-op is depriving you of possession of your premises (warranty of use and enjoyment). Third, most likely where you live, there is a housing code. This code will also provide you with statutory rights, standards for the premises. Good luck.

2006-08-02 19:56:04
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