What rights do you have as a renter?

Renter's Rights

  • Different states have different laws regarding your rights a a renter. I suggest searching google for your+rights+as+a+renter Add the state you live in to the search, and you should find the most relevant answers.
  • You might want to consider one of these books. "Renters' Rights (Quick & legal)" by Janet Portman, Marcia Stewart and "Every Tenant's Legal Guide" by Janet Portman, Marcia Stewart.


In general, you should have a safe, clean place to live in return for paying rent. Appliances should work, plumbing should be reliable, electric/gas should work, there should not be any mold, bedbugs and other pests should be managed, and so on. You also have to obey rules - number of people, pets, noise level - as written in the lease. Keep copies of checks or moneyorders you pay to the landlord - never use cash. Take pictures of the apartment as you move into it. Then, if something happens you have recourse. When you move out, make sure you get an in-person inspection.