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What rights do you have to see your baby when it is born and what can you do to ensure you do not miss out on the life of your forthcoming child?

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April 22, 2008 7:30AM

== == If you are the father i suggest you seek legal advice

immediately. The earlier you get this started the quicker things

will happen as often the case the mother seems to have all rights

and you will get what is left. Make sure legal documents are

written up to show custody and/ or visitation rights. If the

relationship between the mother and you are strained make sure you

keep a diary of everything that happens and keep your nose clean so

she doesn't have any evidence to file things like protection orders

against you to stop you seeing your child.

Best of luck.

There are so many circumstances with this procedure and I use

"procedure" lightly as I can understand where you are coming from

and it's heart-breaking to say the least. First off, DON'T SIGN ANY


institutions or family members are pressing you to do so. You have

every right to see your baby after birth, but, if you have signed

any papers stressing otherwise then you will have to go to court.

If you have signed papers to give up your baby to a set of parents

If you have signed papers to give your baby up for adoption If you

have signed papers to give your parents/boyfriend/ex husband

custody If you have signed papers to make your baby a ward of the

court (they decide where the baby will go. Whether married or not,

giving birth comes down to the same thing ... most mothers are

extremely emotional over this miracle of birth, thus it is unfair

for any family member, lawyer or institution to press you into

signing papers at this emotional time in your life. Wait until you

have given birth, then in a week or so you will have to make hard

decisions such as: Am I too young to look after this baby? Am I old

enough to work and make a good \wage to raise my baby (they are

expensive little angels.) Do I have proper health care for my baby?

Will the baby be brought up in a loving home? If you decide you

can't raise the baby on your own, then you can ask for help perhaps

from your parents. Some parents will agree, others will not and

unfortunately, some young people don't have parents to go to. Some

couples that can't have children will often go through a lawyer for

adoption. If you so chose to find the right parents to raise your

baby then it's important that in that contract, if you so chose,

you can have visitation rights, but be warned ... most young

couples adopting will not agree that you let the baby know you are

the mother when the child is underage. The parents who may adopt

your baby will often offer to send pictures of your child to keep

you up-to-date. No one can force you to do anything, but if Child

Welfare finds out you can't raise your baby in a safe environment

with good health care for that child they can take your child away

from you. I know you have a lot to think of. When things come at

you too fast, YOU SLOW DOWN and think. Take a few deep breaths and

actions on problems are best left until one has calmed down,

otherwise mistakes you can't rectify are made and there could be

some very unwanted emotional upsets. Good luck God Bless Marcy

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