What rights were the authors of the Bill of Rights primarily concerned about?

The Anti-Federalists, including Thomas Jefferson, thought that the Constitution was unfair. They were afraid of a strong central government; the Anti-Federalists did not want to ratify the Constitution, so, in order to make it fair for the Anti-Federalists, the authors of the Constitution added the Bill of Rights.

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The accurate is that the authors were enshrining "Natural Rights". Sir William Blackstone defines this very well. John Locke in his two treatise on Government, brilliantly elaborates this. The mysterious 9th Amendment (mysterious to people of today- obviously it wasn't mysterious the those who wrote it), this is a clear reference to "Natural Law" in general. Understand the Bible, then understand Locke and Blackstone, then understand the Declaration of Independence (Laws of Nature and of Nature's God) and the Constitution (In the Year of our Lord-- deliberate language).