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They did many things

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Q: What role did Canada play in the allied war effort especally during the Dark Days?
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Who was involved in the Vietnam War Who Allied The US during the war?

Korea, Australia, Phillipines, and Canada all pitched in during the Vietnam war alongside the U.S. effort to preserve democracy in South Vietnam.

How did the Allied war effort limit the rights of citizens in a Democratic country?

-War Measures Act (Canada) -Patriot Act (US)

One contribution of overseas colonies to the allied effort during world war 1 was that they provided?

Soldiers from other countries.

How did the US contribute to the allied war effort?


What was the impact of the Normandy Landings on the Allied war effort during World War 2?

Answer this question… The massive amount of Allied forces landing in Normandy caused the German army to retreat and the Allies to reclaim France.

What major contribution did overseas colonies make to the allied effort during world war 1?

food,soldies,gun powder,doctors,weapons

Why did the Allied forces oppose the Bolsheviks?

Communism called for the overthrow of capitalism. The revolution had weakened the Allied war effort.

What event accelerated the developmant of specialty paints?

Paint and coatings were vital to the Allied effort during World War II, and spurred the development of specialized paints and coatings.

What was the British blockade?

a prolonged naval operation conducted by the allied powers during and after world war 1 in effort to restrict the supply of raw materials to central powers.

What nation joined the allied war effort in 1917?

The United States of America.

What did the British use to convince Americans to support the Allied war effort?


Last effort by the German's to break through allied lines?

Battle of the Bulge.

Why was guadalcanal important?

It was the first island the Allied Forces took from the Japanese in a victorious effort. It showed the Japanese they were not unbeatable and the Allied Forces meant business.

How did Sweden help the Nazis during World War 2?

Sweden assisted Nazi Germany in different ways during WWII, but the most obvious and hurtful to the Allied effort was their supplying of iron ore to Germany's manufacturing industries.

Who were the Kamikazes?

The Kamikazes were a group of suicidal Japanese pilots during World War II, they would purposely crash into Allied Ships in a last ditch effort to safe the Japanese Empire.

How might the Great War have ended had US not joined the war effort?

Allied defeat

What was the United States' most important contribution to the Allied war effort?

Fresh troops.

How did D-Day contribute to the Allied efforts to liberate Europe?

D-Day was the major effort in getting Allied troops, weapons and supporting materials into Europe.

What battle was the last ditch effort by the Nazi's to stop the allied march into Germany?

The Batle of the Bulge.

Which act provided billions of us dollars in support of the allied war effort?

The Marshall Plan

Why was El Alamein so important to the allied war effort?

lady gaga.! go hawkey

How were American soldiers the most help to the allied effort?

American soldiers supplied much need fresh troops to the Allied effort. They were vital to the Hundred Days Offensive, the final military operation of the war, which forced the German Empire to finally surrender and end the war.

What was the US' military role in the defeat of Germany during World War 2?

The United States provided significant amounts of military personnel, war material, and equipment to the Allied war effort, along with significant amounts of Lend-Lease weapons and supplies given to other Allied nations.

What challenge does Canada face in its effort to reduce the use of fossil fuels?


Was Algeria axis or allies during world war 2?

During World War 2, Algeria was still a colony of France and thus a part of the Allied Powers at the war's outbreak. Upon France's defeat to the Nazis, Algeria came under control of Germany and Vichy France. They were liberating during Operation Torch, along with the rest of North Africa, and thereafter contributed substantially to the Allied war effort.