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it was...................................................................


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the New Hampshire religion always helped others

It was established as a refuge for European Quakers.

The role of religion in the Massachusetts colony had a dual purpose. While religion kept a system of strong beliefs in place, it also served as the foundation for their legal system and law making.

it played a big role because it affected how government worked

they actually didnt believe u should be prsecuted for religion

The role that religion played in the establishment of the Massachusetts Bay was that the puritans made a settlement along the Massachusetts religion was the basis of the entire settlement.

It was The most Important role in the Connecticut colony because So many people believed and there wasn't a religious test for citizen ship.

it was a source of strength for millions of slaves and they learned it in school

What role did religion play in the Revolutionary war?

In some cases the colony was established because of discrimination against the religion. The Pilgrims and Quakers are examples of colonies established because of an religion.

mrs rosey may from the southern colonies told us they were very very rich so we fail for it!

Religion played no role in the invasion of Normandy.

Delaware was never its own colony officially. It was part of the Province of Pennsylvania, where the Quaker religion was prominent.

becuase they wanted to grow and smoke weed all day but the king of england did not let them

The role they played in religion was by sharing all believes

In the year 2010, absolubtly no role.

How did religion play a crucial role in the lives of New England women

Human sacrifice was the most prominent role of religion in Aztec culture.

Judaism is the religion of the Jews, it is not a government.

No, as religion was what kept The Empire going.

Rhode Island was religion free.

Religion played a very small role, if any. The revolutions in Russia were political.

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