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Q: What role did the alliance between France Britain and the US play in World War 1?
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Who were the british allies in world war 1?

The major powers were in a triple alliance, called the Triple Entente, which consisted of Britain, France, and Russia. There was also an alliance between Britain and the United States

What was the triple alliance for world war 1?

The triple alliance was between Germany, Austria- Hungary, and Italy. Be care ful not to mix it up with the Triple Entente which was between Britain, France and Russia.

What was the alliance of Britain France and Russia in World War 1?

The Triple Entente

What is the triple entente in world war 1?

The Triple Entente was an alliance during WWI between Britain, France, and Russia. The Triple Entente is a different from the Triple Alliance which was between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy.

What alliance did the US join in World War 1?

Great Britain, France, the USA

What countries were part of allied powers in World War 1?

The alliance was between Britain, France, and Russia. Later joined the United States during World War I.

Who did Great Britain make an alliance with in World War 2?

America, France and Canada all fought with Great Britain.

What banded together to form the triple alliance?

The Triple Alliance in 1913, shown in red.The Triple Alliance was the military alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy, (as opposing the Triple Entente which consisted of an alliance between Britain, France and Russia), that lasted from 1882[1] until the start of World War I in 1914.[

What strengthened the alliance between the U.S and Britain?

The cooperation of the two countries during the World War II strengthened the alliance between Britain and the US. The trading interests of the two countries also helped strengthen their alliance.

What countries included the triple entente alliance before world war 1?

France, Britain and Russia

What were the disadvantages of the triple entente?

The main disadvantage of the Triple-Entente was that because of this alliance between Russia, France and Great Britain, it helped cause the first World War.

Why was Britain involved in World War 2?

Britain had an agreement with Poland. So when Poland was invaded by Germany, Britain joined the war. Britain, France and Poland made an alliance. In an alliance if one country gets attacked the others help, so when Germany attacked Poland, Britain and France helped and joined the war against Germany.

Which alliance had more members in world war 1?

The alliance that had more member was the allied side. This group included Britain, Russia, France, Italy and the US.

Date of alliance of Russia and France also of Russia and Britain in 1st World War?

June 21st 1914

What alliance included the US France great Britain belgium and others during world war 1?


WHO was tripartite in during World War 2?

The alliance between the United States and Britain.

One world event that happened when Franklin Pierce was in presidency?

The bloody Crimean War was fought in Europe between Russia and an alliance of Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire and Sardinia

What was the alliance between the US great Britain and France when world war 1 began?

Ww1 started in 1914 and ended in 1918. Ww2 started in 1939 and ended in 1945.

Who was fighting in World War I?

Triple Entente Britain, Russia and FranceTriple alliance: Germany, Italy and austria- hungury

What are pacts of World War I?

The Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria Hungary (and Italy) The Triple Entente: Britain, France, Russia

What was the name of the American Britain russia France and other countries alliance they created during World War 2?

The Allies .

What were some disadvantages of the Triple-Entente?

The main disadvantage of the Triple-Entente was that because of this alliance between Russia, France and Great Britain, it helped cause the first World War.

What were the countries that were in alliance in World War 1?

The countries that were in the alliances in world war one were.. Britain, France and Russia formed the Triple entente. Germany, Italy and Austria - Hungary formed the triple alliance.

What counties were members of the triple alliance?

During World War I, the Triple Alliance consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. The Triple Entente consisted of France, Britain, and Russia.

What side was great Britain on in World War 1?

Britain in WW I was part of an alliance known as the Triple Entente (entente is French for understanding) which also included France and Russia. The US later joined the alliance, helping to defeat the opposed alliance which was known as the Central Powers.