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They wanted independence from France. They wanted independence from France. They wanted independence from France.

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Q: What role was French Indochina in World War 1?
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Which present day country was not part of the colony of french indochina before world war 2?

Brazil was not part of French Indochina before world war 2.

What was the French connection to Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

The French had fought there from 1946 to 1954; 1st Indochina War or French Indochina War.

Was Britain involved in the first indochina war?

France was the only European Nation fighting in the 1st Indochina War (also known as the French Indochina War or French War).

What is the name of the first Vietnam War?

French Indochina War or 1st Indochina War.

What country was Indochina named before World War 2?

French Indochina consisted of parts of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

How many Vietnam wars were there?

Two: 1st Indochina War (French Indochina War) & 2nd Indochina War (America's Vietnam War).

How did french rule come to an end in Vietnam?

The French Indochina War 1946-1954 (aka 1st Indochina War).

What war went on in 1946?

French Indochina War started in '46. AKA "1st Indochina War."

Who Aided France in the Vietnam War?

The US aided France during the 1st Indochina War, aka French Indochina War, aka the French War.

What was the name of the battle between France and Vietnam?

French Indochina War (or the 1st Indochina War).

The Indochina War was waged to regain Vietnam?

The 1st Indochina War was to oust the French; the 2nd Indochina War was to oust the US. Both Indochina Wars involved the communists.

French occopation of indo-china directly ended as the result of?

French Indochina War (or 1st Indochina War) 1946-1954.