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What ruled over the people in the middle ages?

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The Catholic Church and the monarchy of Europe.

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What did churches do for the people in middle ages?

They had power over people, gave people hope and helped them

How well did feudalism establish order in Middle Ages?

Fairly well. Not well enough, of course, for feudalism to be the dominant type of government in the world. Feudalism worked with a king ruling over his barons, who ruled over his nobles, who ruled over his peasants.

What made the middle ages a chaotic period in history?

Much of the chaos of the Middle Ages was the result of invasions of various people in the Age of Migrations. But that was only in the first quarter of the Middle Ages. I really do not think the Middle Ages were much more chaotic that most other ages once that time was over.

What was economy like in middle colonies?

ruled by dutch and people from netherland but then was taken over by the british

Who had control over the general population during the Middle Ages and How?

the pope because he ruled the church and everyone had to follow him or they would be kicked out of the church and are you tlc?

Who countries took over briatin during the middle ages?

In 1066 William the Conqueror won the crown of Britain and the Norman French ruled for several hundred years.

What raged throughout Europe in the Middle Ages?

During the Middle Ages, the Black Death raged throughout Europe. This was a pandemic that killed over 75 million people before it finally ended.

What continents did Rome take over in the middle ages?

Rome didn't take over anything it fell in 410 AD causing the start of the Middle Ages.

Is William Shakespeare a part of the early middle ages?

William Shakespeare lived during the Renaissance, after the Middle Ages were over.

Why are nobles the best people in the middle ages?

Because ther the best loking and have more friends then you so get over it

Did roman rulers kill people of God in the dark ages?

The dark ages is an old fashioned term for the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages were a laterhistoricalperiod. It was the period which followed the fall of thewesternpart of the Roman empire. Therefore, there were no Roman rulers in the Middle Ages. Moreover, if by the people of God you are referring to theChristians, by the Late Roman Empire,Christianityhad become theofficialreligion of the Roman Empire. In the Middle Agesthe popes were verypowerfulfigures in the city of Rome and all over western Europe.

What is middle age?

a period in europe sometimes reffered to as the dark ages, or the age of darkness. It was called this because all the electricity went out. It was about over 9000 BCE. Satan ruled the earth.

Which group of people has NOT ruled over the eastern Mediterranean?

The Finnish have not ruled over the Eastern Mediterranean.

Are white people taking over the Middle East?

NO. Almost all Middle Eastern countries are ruled by people endemic to the region and significant subset of them maintain antagonism or suspicion as far as the West is concerned.

What ethinicity was medieval?

There was no ethnicity. The Middle Ages applied all over Europe to all groups of people. It was a time, not a race.

How many people could fit inside a castle in the middle ages?

56 exact any more and it will be over flowing

Did Plymouth exist in the Middle Ages?

The end of the middle ages was in the 15th century, Plymouth colony in North America was setted in 1620, over a hundred year alter. The cityof Plymouth in England existed in the middle ages.

What ended the middle ages?

The Black Plague, the war that lasted over 100 years, and starvation were 3 of the many reasons that the middle ages ended.

What event happened right before the beginning of the middle ages?

a guy called james tokoloa took over england before the middle ages.

Who had power over the peasants in the middle ages?

Under Tenants had power over the peasants

How did the north Africa and the middle east desert affect the settlement of the early people?

the reason is because they hadno water and europe over ruled them.

How many years since the middle ages finish?

the middle ages were 5th century through to the 15th century and we are now in the 21st century so that would make it over 600 hundred years ago when the middle ages were around.

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