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What s print media?

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It is normally a reference to newspapers and magazines. Audio media can be radio. Visual media can be television.

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What are the print media sound and non print media?

Print media is related to all the printing types for example newspapers,magazines,journals,etc.and non prine media is that does not include print media

Define print media?

define the kind print media

Who is more powerful print media or electronic media?


Conclusion for print media vs electronic media?

conclusion on print media vs electronic media

Is it print media same with mass media?

Print media would be a sub-set of mass media. Mass media would include television, radio, print, and web.

History of print media in India?

india in how print media development??

What is a print and media?

Print Media is based on paper written work.Three examples of print media are, news papers, magazines and also billboard's.

What is the difference between print media and electronic media?

print media is hard copy and electronic media is soft copy...

What is the difference between print and non print media?

Non print media is your online articles on wikipedia, yahoo, and things of that nature. print media is like newspapers and magazines.

What is non-print media?

Non-print media refers to any form of media that is not printed. Slideshows and video clips are a good example of non-print media.

When was print media first invented?

Popcorn is good print media is stupid

Print media are made up of what?

"Print media" refers to magazines and newspapers.

What is an examples of print media?

Newspapers, magazines and books are considered print media.

What is an example of print media?

Newspapers, magazines and books are considered print media.

What are the merits of print media and non-print media?

any kind of material in writer form which give you knowledge is called print media

What are characteristics of print media?

print media are mwdia those where created by a printing processes unlike electronic media print media can be read and passed to another person to read too

Why is electronic media better than print media?

Electronic media is better than print media because the news can change as it happens. It is also free and cheaper to access for people than print media.

What is the role of Print media?

print media can be reread, clipped out, copied, and passed on whic other media cant

Print media are made up of?

Print media is made up of newspapers and journals.

History of print media in the Philippines?

The print media started in the publishing of Doctrina Christiana

Examples of print media?

Examples of print media are newspaper, books, magazines, etc.

What are 5 disadvantages of non print media?

What are 5disadvantage of non print media

What are print media trends?

Print media has been slowly moving online since the 1990's. Fewer and fewer print newspapers are selling, especially after smartphones became popular in 2008 allowing everyone internet access anywhere.

What is Local Print Media?

Local Print Media is your local newspaper. When you see all of the ads in your newspaper that is when the store, or whatever is advertising, is using local print media!

Print media are more valuable than electronic media?

In many situations print media can be more valuable than electronic media. For example, print comic books can be worth a great deal.