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What school did Hitler go to?

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he went to lenz and attend there

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Where did Hitler go to school or college?

Hitler will go to school or college to hitler international school

Where did Adolf Hitler go to school?

adolf hitler attended general vain elementary school in austria

Which school did Hitler go to?

he went to a normal school and collage

Why did the Jews not accept Hitler into the school he wanted to go to?

If you mean the art school Hitler wanted to go to then he did not get in because he was not very good at drawing people.

Did Adolf Hitler go to school?

Yes, but he was not very good at school.

When did Adolf Hitler first go to school?


Where did Hitler go to school?

He attended school in Linz and dropped out at age 16.

When did Hitler go to school?

He was at school from 1895-1905. (He dropped out at age 16).

What school did Adolf Hitler go to when he dropped out?

Hitler didn't go to another school after he dropped out. However he was rejected twice by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. ( 1907-1908 )

Was it Hitler that made youth go to school to learn about Hitler?

Hitler created what is known as the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) in which young people were taught about Nazi ideals etc. If this is what you meant then yes, it was Hitler.

Did Hitler Go to Secondary school or just primary?

he did, but he quit it @ 15

What year did anne frank go to school?

She went to school the age everybody goes to kindergarden and until she had to go hiding from Hitler

What middle school did adolf Hitler attend to?

When Hitler attended school middle schools did not exist. Middle schools have been created in recent history. So, he didn't go to middle school.

What schools did Adolf Hitler go to?

Hitler went to basic school, then he tried, at least twice, to get into an art college, but failed.

Why did Adolf Hitler want to go into the army?

He was homeless, had failed art school.

Did Hitler ever go to art school?

No, he never got accepted into one.

What college did Adolf Hitler go to?

Adolf Hitler dropped out of high school and did not get his education. As many should know, Hitler became leader of the nazi party and germany.

What did Hitler do as a kid?

Hitler wanted to go to art school, but he didn't get in, so he joined the military and came to love killing people.

Was Hitler popular at his secondary school?

No, Hitler had very few friends when he was at school.

What primary school did Adolf Hitler go to?

The primary school attended by Adolf Hitler was called a "Volksschule," basically a school for the people. A volksschule was basically a nameless public school that was supported by the state. The secondary school he attended was called "Realschule" and was basically the equivalent of a technical high school.

What school did Adolf Hitler attend?

The only known school Hitler attend was Realschule in Steyr. This was mainly because Alios Hitler (Hitler's Father) didn't want Hitler to attend school. eventually Hitler dropped out of school at the age of 16 Years old.

What did hitler do in university?

He never went to a university. He tried to go to art school but was rejected.

Why did Hitler leave school?

Hitler left school because he wanted to do his exams to be an artist

What type of school did Hitler want to get accepted to but was denied?

Hitler wanted to get into a art school

What did Hitler study?

Hitler dropped out of school at age 16.