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A lot of California State Universitys will take you in, because their broke!

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Community colleges.

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Q: What schools take a 1150 SAT score?
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Is SAT score of 1480 good fo pharmacy schools?

Definitely not! Take the SAT again and try for at least a 1900+. Pharmacy school is very competitive.

What's the average SAT score of a beauty school dropout?

Unfortunately there is no easy way for a member of the general public to determine the average SAT score of a beauty school dropout. For one thing, beauty schools are not willing to announce statistics about their dropouts. Many beauty schools do not require students to take the SAT. This makes it difficult to find statistics about the matter.

Preparing for the SAT?

If you are a high school student who is preparing to take the SAT, you may be a bit nervous. You may be wondering how you can best prepare yourself to earn a high score on the SAT so that you can get into your top choice schools. One of the best ways to prepare yourself well for the SAT is to take SAT practice tests. When you do SAT practice testing, be sure to time yourself.

Do they take the highest SAT score you have or the last SAT test taken?

Colleges take the highest reading score, the highest math score and the highest writing score out of all the tests you've taken. So if there was a really bad essay topic, you can take it again and they will take the higher of the scores.

What colleges accept a 830 score?

On the 1600 scale, a 1330 is fairly good, and many schools will accept that. However, most colleges have switched to the 2400 scale, in which a 1330 is below average. There is usually no "required" SAT score for colleges, but prestigious schools such as Caltech or MIT might instantly reject your application if your SAT score is below 1500, for example (avg score for these schools ~ 2200. Admission is more holistic, i.e. it is possible for a 1600-SAT scorer with an incredible application to get admitted).

Does the SAT score apply to Canadian Universities?

No... Canadian schools do not require SAT scores. However, if you are an international student applying from the US, chances are they will request it (Especially top ranked schools like McGill)

What type of schools take the SAT?

all highschools?

SAT requirement for entrance to CSUF?

You are elligible to any CSU with a 3.0 or higher. If you have a lower GPA, you are expected to obtain a higher SAT or ACT score. But for the Better CSU schools such as CSUF, CSULB, POLY, and CSULA, the average SAT score for an incoming freshmen would be atleast a 500 on both the critical thinking and the Math portions of the SAT TEST. In conclution, The Higher the GPA, atleast an average or better SAT score. The Lower the GPA, the higher the SAT score must be.

Can a high school student re-take an SAT subject test for a higher score like they can with the SAT?


What SAT score is needed to be a pediatrician?

sat score required for a pediatrician

Is 1100 sat good for va tech admission?

No, as far as I know, you need at least a 1150. The maximum score on SAT is 2400, and you need to at least a good result in math (about 580 or more) and mediocre results in critical reading (500) and the writing section (550).

Is a 1300 out of 1600 a good sat score?

The best possible score on the SAT is a 2400, a score achieved by just hundreds of the more than a million students who take the SAT each year. The average SAT score is about 1540.But what's a good SAT score? While many students and parents ask that question, there really isn't a great answer. A good score on the SAT is different for each student, and depends on where you want to go to college.Here are some rough, unofficial estimates of the average SAT score at various schools. The average isn't necessarily the score you need to get into a college--there are plenty of factors other than SAT score at work, and by definition half of the students at any school are below the average. But it's a good ballpark figure if you're trying to decide whether your SAT score is good enough.Harvard - 2200Williams - 2125University of Virginia - 2000UCLA - 1900Iowa State - 1825Ohio State - 1800DePaul - 1750Arizona - 1700Indiana University- 1650I want to say that compared to other people, that is not the best. Dont feel bad about yourself just retake it if you still can. I got a higher grade as a 7th grader than this but it could justve been that you had a bad day.