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Pharmaceutcal Chemistry Being a pharmacist - high school: Biology chemistry and maths University: pharmacology, chemistry, law and many other things that don't really fall into categories... Oh and being able to think logically and remember a LOT of information.

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Q: What science is used in pharmacy?
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What science influence pharmacy?

Pharmacological science

What jobs can you get with a bachelor of science in general studies?

If you have a bachelor of science in general science, you can work in pharmacy industry with manufacturing in lab. And you can find a jobs with pharmacy sales representative.

What make you to become a pharmacy technician?

pharmacy tech. is under ungratuated science Field, you can learn 33% about pharmacy

What major is pharmacy under?

Pharmacy is the science of the preparation and dispensing of medicinal drug. Aspiring pharmacists usually major in Chemistry or General Science.

Which science is most important in pharmacy and why?

i want my answer

What is a BSP degree?

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

Definition of physical pharmacy?

Physical Pharmacy is associated with an area of pharmacy that deals with the quantitative and theoretic prinicples of science as they apply to the practice of pharmacy....... by Siin Vistas on facebook :D

What science is needed in pharmacy?

Chemistry, Biology, Calculus

What is the significance of studying microbiology in pharmacy?

to improve science

What subjects are mathematical subjects?

Science architecture and Pharmacy

What is forensic pharmacy?

Application of medication science to legal issues.

What is the Relation between psychology and pharmacy?

science is involved in both of them

Branches of homeopathy pharmacology?

Homoeopathic Pharmacy is the art and science of collecting, compounding. This branch of pharmacy is related to crude drugs only.

What has the author Douglas C Harrod written?

Douglas C. Harrod has written: 'Pharmacy at Chelsea, 1919-1979' -- subject(s): Chelsea College, Chelsea College of Science and Technology, Chelsea College of Science and Technology. Department of Pharmacy, Chelsea College. Department of Pharmacy, Chelsea College. Dept. of Pharmacy, History

What is the use of chloroform in pharmacy?

There are not pharmacy uses. It is used as a anesthetic.

Need two uses for Microsoft used in pharmacy?

Microsoft itself (the company) is not used in a pharmacy.

What is the best way to become a pharmacy technician?

Having a strong background in math and science is your first step to becoming a Pharmacy Technician. Here is a website that lays out steps to becoming a Pharmacy Technician.

What is the old name of CVS Pharmacy?

CVS Pharmacy used to be Longs.

Will an access to science biology and sociology be accepted for a pharmacy degree?

For pharmacy schools within the United States, prerequisite coursework would include courses in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, as well as humanities, and social science.

What way is specific gravity useful in pharmacy?

specific gravity is used in pharmacy.

What kind of things you have to learn if you take pharmacy course in university?

If you take course in Pharmacy you will study about the science of medicine involves and specialized in the field of medicine drugs

What is the history of a pharmacy technician?

The pharmacy techinician used to do what the modern pharmacy clerks do. They used to just sell the prescriptions and handle paperwork. Now the job description of a pharmacy technician is assisting the pharmacist which is counding, filling, and receiving prescriptions in addition to clerk duties depending on the staff available in a pharmacy.

What jobs involving science?

Scientist,Pharmacy,Bioinformatic,Chemistry,medicine and many more!

Which associate's degree do you need to be a pharmacy technician?

You must have an Associate Degree in Applied Science.

What is difference between retail pharmacy and community pharmacy?

These terms are usually used synonymously.