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Almost the same, at least Darwin thought so.

Alfred Russel Wallace.

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Q: What scientist whose ideas about evolution were the same as Darwins?
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Who is a scientist whose ideas about evolution were the same as Darwin's?

Alfred Russel Wallace.

Scientist whose ideas about evolution were the same as Darwin's?

Huxley, Weismann, Haeckel, Simpson, R.A.Fisher are some neo darwinists whose ideas were same as that of Mr.Darwin

Scientist whos ideas about evolution were the same as darwins?

scientist whose ideas about evolution were the same as Darwin's- Wallace geologist who influenced Darwin- Lyell geologist who influenced Darwin- Hutton scientist whose ideas about evolution and adaptation influenced Darwin- Lamarck economist whose ideas about human population influenced Darwin-Malthus

Who is the scientist whose ideas are the basis of modern evolutionary theory?

Charles Darwin was the creator of the theory of evolution. It has greatly debated over the years and many other scientists regularly contribute to the modern theory.

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wacko Charles Darwin was a brilliant scientist whose ideas have been tremendously valuable to science. As a result, he is OK by me.

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