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PTSD and exposure to Agent Orange.

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What health problems did Vietnam veterans face?

they suffer from PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

How many American soldiers were affected by agent orange?

In December of 2000, more than 300,000 Viet Veterans had completed the "Agent Orange Registry health examination" offered to Vietnam veterans at VA medical facilities. In 2001, the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), sent out approximately 650,000 "Agent Orange Review's", to IN-COUNTRY Vietnam Veterans, based on database input.

What is the budget of Veterans Health Administration?

The budget of Veterans Health Administration is 47,000,000,000 dollars.

True of false American rehabilitation programs sought to restore soldiers to good health who had fought in Vietnam?

Yes it is True that the American Rehabilitation Programs sought to restore soldiers to good health who had fought in Vietnam. It continues today through Veterans Rehabilitation centers across the country.Ê

Are thailand veteran's considered veitnam veterans?

This will probably annoy many "Boots On Ground" advocates, however I believe Thailand Veterans are "Vietnam Veterans". During the Vietnam war our bases in Thailand were attacked five times by Vietnam Sappers. Also tactical herbicides was used on the perimeters of every base in Thailand. Our Thailand Veterans, loaded weapons on the planes to fulfill the missions in Vietnam and protect the "Boots On Ground" troops. Air Force Personnel volunteered to man secret radar sites in Laos to guide bomb strikes, etc. in Vietnam and many lost their lives when those sites were over run. Some want to call Thai Veterans "Vietnam Era Veterans" the same designation someone that served in Germany during the war might be called. I honor those that did serve in Germany and all other areas during the Vietnam War but to refer to those who served in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia as anything other than Vietnam Veterans is an insult to the service they performed in the defense of bases in Thailand and the support of the troops on the ground in Vietnam. I believe those that died in Laos and in at least one bunker explosion at a Thai base are listed on the wall. We shared the same experience as other Vietnam Vets on our return in 69 and 70 from the public, we share the same health issues from Agent Orange as our brothers who served in-country. Air Force Security Police, Thailand 69-70.

What has the author Walter R Lawson written?

Walter R Lawson has written: 'Health insurance coverage of veterans' -- subject(s): Health Insurance, Insurance, Health, Veterans

What has the author David A Barker written?

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Who is the Minister of Public Health for Vietnam?

Nguyen Thi Kim Tien is the Minister of Public Health for Vietnam.

What sacrifices did US veterans make?

Their lives and health .

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What does Lifton point out about the structure of warfare in Vietnam?

Lifton brought to light many issues regarding the structure of warfare in Vietnam. He points out to the mental and physical health of the veterans and their traumatic experiences they had undergone during the war. He also raised many questions, moral and ethical on the involvement of the U.S.

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What services does the Department of Veterans Affairs offer?

The Department of Veterans affairs offers many services to military veterans. The Department of veterans affairs offers medical and mental health care for veterans, as well as financial and educational assistance. The Department of veterans affairs gives veterans continued support. For a full listing of what the department of veterans affairs is doing for veterans visit their official site.

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What do veterans want to maintain?

Veterans like to maintain a wide assortment of things. Some veterans want to maintain their health or their connections to their families. Others would simply be happy to maintain their sanity.

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