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What ship delivered the a bomb to Japan?

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The USS Indianapolis delivered the bomb to the island where the Enola Gay picked it up and flew it to Japan to drop.

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Q: What ship delivered the a bomb to Japan?
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How was the atom bomb delivered to Japan?

By the B-29 aircraft flying from Tinian.

What the name of the ship that delivered the atomic bomb to the pacific in World War II?

The USS Missouri

What kind of aircraft delivered the bomb to Japan?

The Enola Gay, a B-29 Superfortress bomber.

Why was the atomic bomb dropped in japan and Germany?

Actually, Germany knew better than the Japanese and surrendered on time to skip their nuclear bomb. Japan had to two delivered and detonated in their place.

How was the first atomic bomb delivered?

The first atomic bomb used in war was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. The delivery method was via an airplane named the 'Enola Gay'.

American warship that delivered the a bomb?

The heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis delivered the A-bomb to Tinian.

What happened when Japan dropped a bomb on the USS Arizona?

How did the pacific war end?

Japan surrendered after the second atomic bomb was dropped and they signed the surrender on the navy ship US Missouri. You can visit the ship today.

Did Japan have the A-bomb?


Was it justified to drop an atomic bomb on japan?

No, it was not justified to drop an atomic bomb on Japan

What delivered the bomb to tinian?

USS Indianapolis

What city did japan surrender to after the second atomic bomb?

Japan didn't surrender in a city, but on the US Naval ship the Missouri. She is in dry dock(I think) and is a historical site today. You can visit her.

Did japan bomb pearl harbor with an atom bomb?

No. They didn't have any atom bomb at that time. The US had and atom-bombed Japan.

Where did the Atomic bomb hit in Japan?

in japan

Was Japan warned of the atomic bomb?

Indeed, leaflets were scattered over japan warnig about the bomb.

How did Japan feel after the atomic bomb?

After the a-bomb japan ha no hope. They surrendered the next day.

What plains did you use to bomb japan on December 7?

Pearl Harbor didn't bomb Japan.

How did the atomic bomb result in japan?

It didn't. Japan existed long before the atomic bomb

What type of bomb was drop on japan?

atomic bomb

Who was the leader of japan when the atomic bomb dropped?

shigandi was the ruler of japan when the bomb was dropped on japan during ww2 ...... ........ shigandi hahahahahahaha

Who did the US bomb with the atomic bomb?

The first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan ; another on Nagasaki, Japan, 3 days later.

Site where second atomic bomb hit japan?

The second atom bomb hit Nagasaki, Japan.

Why did japan drop bomb on pearl harbor?

Japan dropped a bomb on pearl harbor because they wanted to.

How was the atomic bomb in World War 2 delivered?

The bombs were delivered by B-29 Planes.

What is an explosive charge delivered by a warhead or bomb?