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You can start with a Rem. 870 12GA and go up from there. I've used 870's, Win. 1300's, 11-87's, and 1100's. An over and under or side-by-side is best. You get two quick shots. The Daley's are a bit light in 12ga and kick a lot for shooting over 50 rounds. A heavy gun is better than a light one for all day shooting. I've got Stoger and EAA's that work great. The main thing is to find one that fits you. 12's and 20's to start with and then get a 28GA or .410 for fun.

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Q: What shotgun is good for trap-skeet shooting?
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What kind of shotgun is good for clay shooting and target shooting with slugs?

Whatever your favorite shotgun is. Personally i have an over-under 12-gauge shotgun with a 29 inch barrel. Works well for duck hunting as well.

Should you pick the shotgun or desert eagle on sift heads 3?

The Shotgun Has Good Power But The Desert Eagle Is Faster In Shooting

Is a 4 10 good for trap shooting?

No, a 4-10 shotgun would not be a good idea for shooting trap. The problem is the small size of the shell - with a very small amount of lead, you have a small chance of hitting your target. Shooting a 20 gauge shotgun is much better but still not a good idea for the same reason. The standard shotgun for shooting trap is a 12 gauge. The largest gauge allowed by nearly all trap shooting leagues, a 12 gauge has enough lead and enough power behind it to get consistent hits and high scores.

What are the different types of guns in the Olympic sport of shooting?

shotgun is the answer shotgun is the answer

Where can one practice shotgun shooting?

One can practice shotgun shooting in more than one place. If you have enough land you can practice there. You can also go to a shooting range and try there.

What is the fastest shooting shotgun?

atchison automatic

What is the fastest shooting shotgun in the world?

Atchison Automatic

What is the best shotgun shell for shooting ducks?

The best shotgun shell for shooting ducks is a 3 to 3 1/2 inch 12 gauge with number 2 shot.

How many rounds can be in a shotgun when trap shooting?

Only one can be in the gun when shooting singles and two for doubles

What do you call shooting all the bullets in a gun at once?


What gun do you use for skeet shooting?

Shotgun with a skeet choke.

You have five chokes for your shotgun which is the best for pheasant shooting?


What results can be had shooting a sabot through a smooth bore shotgun barrel with a rifled choke tube?

Death and distruction. Not a good idea at all....

Why does my 12 gauge shotgun pop open after shooting it?

Worn, dirty or broken. Have it checked by a gunsmith before shooting it gain.

What is trap load?

A shotgun shell made for the game of trap shooting.

How Do you unjam a 12 gauge shotgun without shooting it?

You find a gunsmith.

Will shooting bismuth shells in a full choke shotgun hurt it?

not at all

What are the five Time Delays in the shotgun shooting?

The five fundamentals of Shotgun Shooting are: 1). Target Speed 2). Human Delay 3). Mechanical Delay 4). Shot Travel 5). Follow-through.

What is a 20 gauge Ithaca shotgun used for?

Hunting quail or trap shooting

Do you need a shotgun licence to purchase ammunition for clay shooting?

No. Not in Virginia anyway.

What are the various chokes for and how do you use them for different kinds of shooting?

A good basic article on chokes

How good is a green gas shotgun for airsoft?

depends if u are playing cqb or feild if cqb then yes it is a great choice not for shooting far distance though

Should I get a katana or a shotgun?

The katana would make a good display piece, but there is not much else you can use it for, unless you want to become a samurai. On the other hand a shotgun could be used for sporting (clay pigeon, target shooting), hunting or even defensive purposes. If you want a good display piece- Katana. If you want something you can use- shotgun.

What is safest beginner gun?

a shotgun because people of the age of 12 only are allowed to begin shooting guns so i know it is the shotgun.

What shotgun is best for skeet shooting?

It is very recreational and great activity where participants using shotgun shooting chokes. It is one of the three major disciplines of clay pigeon shooting, sporting clays and trap shooting. There are many types of skeet which include Olympic skeet or international skeet. It is designed to be a 30-inch circle at 21 yards distance.