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13 is a difficult age to define. At that age many young men are either ready to get a deeper voice or it's already happened. At that age, the voice changes, your body goes through a lot of changes and the process can be frightening, embarrassing and exciting. You'll probably end up with a body type similar to either your father or your mother's father. If both of them are muscular, you probably will be too. If both of them are slim, you probably will be too. Some 13 year-olds are still children in terms of weight and voice breaking and genital changes, some are already obviously young men. If you are still a child in this respect you will probably find that you end up taller and bigger than your mates who already have deeper voices. If nothing has happened by the time you are 16 go to the doctor. If you are worried now go to the Doctor Who I am sure will reassure you that you are normal.

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Q: What should a 13-year-old male who is 5 feet 5 be like in regards of weight and voice depth and other things like that?
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