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Be very respectful and contrite and promise you will never do such a thing again. This may or may not help the minor get out of tight spot, but it is always a good idea to adhere to such behavior when interacting with a police officer regardless of the circumstances. Only speak when spoken to, tell the truth, be courteous and respectful. Play dumb and say you didn't know it was illegal to ride them because they have the same motor as a scooter so what is the difference? it works just have to go along with it just do't get caught twice by the same cop!!!!!!

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Q: What should a 14-year-old say when a police officer pulls them over for riding a gas scooter on a public street?
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What can a police officer ask you if you are a police officer?

If you are a police officer you would not need to ask. A police officer doing his duty will treat another police officer as any member of the public (if they are out of uniform and off duty).

Is it legal to videotape a police officer in a public place?

It is legal to videotape anyone anywhere, and a police officer is no exception.

Can a police officer notarize?

Only if he is a notary public.

Does a police officer have a fiduciary duty to the public?

No. The police officer has a duty to protect the public from the criminals. Criminals are also part of the public, and the police do not have to help the criminals make good decisions. Police interrogators are not required to assist criminal suspects, but instead are permitted to trick them into confessing.

What is the role of a police officer and what it involves?

the role of a police officer is to protect the public from dangers. it involves risking your life to do your duty. hahahahahahahahahahaha

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What is full form of PPS officer?

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What is a local police officer?

A local Police officer is an officer who works in your area. He/she is in charge of certain villages within that area and there aim is to reduce crime and increase public safety.

What is another name for a police officer?

There are a number of names for police officers:Law Enforcement Officer or LEOPublic Safety OfficerOfficerCopsThey may also be known as constable, deputy, or patrol.

Is it illegal to put police on your car if you are not a police officer? can if he/she ask a nowadays some police are using public transport.

What public service skills do you need to be a police officer?

being gay

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To protect the public and uphold and enfiorce the law.

Can a police officer sign a notary public?

Not unless they are a registered notary.

Can a police officer sign as a notary?

Not unless he is a registered notary public.

How do you report a police officer?

In England and wales if a member of public feels they have a complaint to make against a police officer of service they can do so by visiting the IPCC or Independent Police Complaints Commission who deal with police complaints.

Can an Police officer pull her gun in public as a means of self defense?


What do you have to do as a police officer?

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What is the difference between a public safety officer and a police officer?

Public safety officers perform a limited amount of law enforcement duties. They can issue tickets, do crowd control, act as a backup, do crime prevention, and work with the community. A police officer would deal with these things, as well as higher priority calls. For instance, if there was a bank robbery in progress, the police officer would be the one that was sent.

Which party is typically considered the media spokesperson for police departments?

Public affairs officer (pao)

Is it legal to ride a razor electric scooter in the street?

No, i asked the Wylie, TX police and they said it was fine to ride them not on highways but in neighborhoods or public parks or public dirt bike trails

What is the difference between a private and a public security officer?

A public security officer works for a public agency like the Police Department. A private security officer works for a private company to ensure tha objects or information important to the company are not stolen, and to contl the entries to the company spaces, etc.

Why it is so important to both police and the public to have the exclusionary rule?

The Exclusionary Rule is important to both police and the public because it lays out a clear guideline for action during a police action. Having this rule in place limits the responsibilities that are applied to the officer by stating what they are responsible to gather or not gather during their investigation of a scene. For the public the officer is prevented from illegally conducting search and seizure of a property.

Can a police officer give a parking ticket on private property in a gated apartment complex in Texas?

If the property holder gives the police department access to the community for security reasons, the police officer can conduct himself as if he was on patrol in a public neighborhood. Pay the ticket.

Can you legally use foul language towrds a police officer?

Using foul language towards a police officer isn't technically illegal, but it certainly would not be helpful. Many areas however, have laws against using foul language in public, so if you used the foul language toward the officer in a public place, that would be illegal.

Can police arrest police?

Of course! and they do when it is necessary! A police officer is subject to the same laws as anyone else, and a few extra laws in many states, and at the federal level, because of their role as a police officer. Since officers are the same as anyone else, the same requirements for arresting a police officer exist as arresting anyone else. For any arrest probable cause and an arrest authority has to exist. This is a simplified answer, but essentially, the answer is the same process, and protections that apply to the public apply to the police officer.