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Q: What should a girl do if she has a boyfriend but she still likes her ex?
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What do you do if the boy you are in love with kinda likes another girl but is still in love with you?

Is he your boyfriend? If he is, then talk to him about it. If he isn't the you should confess to him that you love him.

My ex boyfriend says he still likes me and he acts like he still likes me and everyone tells me he does but he's going out with another girl. What do i do?

If your ex likes you so much you should ask him one last time if he likes you, and ask him which girl he might want to go out with.

When a girl says we should just be friends but you thnk she still likes you and she also still has a boyfriend?

She probably just doesn't like you or isn't ready for a relationship..

Should you go out with the girl that likes you but has a boyfriend or the girl that likes you without a bf?

The one that likes you without a girlfriend.

What should you do if your boyfriend likes a different girl?

Find who she is and find out how she realy feels about him.

If a girl has a boyfriend and she used to like you and sent you pics of when she was on holidays and calls you when she is upset does this mean that she still likes you?

a girl "has a bf"....hmmmm..." does this mean that she still likes you"....... if she calls you and is upset and talks about how her boyfriend is balblha your just back up

What if a girl likes your boyfriend?

I would confront the girl or warn your boyfriend

What do you do if your boyfriend likes a girl as much as he likes you?

If he truly liked you he wouldn't like the other girl so yeah its kinda obvious about what you should do

How do you get a girl 2 break up with her boyfriend for you?

i dont know if you can really control that ? If the girl you like is dating someone and shes happy in that relationship i think you should leave it be. If you know for a fact she likes you and is still with her boyfriend then maybe she should dump him and go for you,

If you have a friend that has a boyfriend and another girl likes her boyfriend what do you do?

if i where you i would tell the girl that likes that boy that he has a girlfriend.that is what i would do.

What do you do if your in 6th grade and a girl likes you but still has a boyfriend?

get over it. your in the 6th grade for crying our loud.

Can a girl still like another guy even if she has a boyfriend?

A girl can still like a boy even if she has a boyfriend. But she might not break up with her boyfriend. To tell if a girl likes you, she might smile at you alot, want to sit near you and ask her friends about you.

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