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What should a pregnant 15-year-old do if her father will not allow her to have any contact with the father of her baby or his family?



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Let him know that you need him in this baby's life and that it is not fair for your baby to not have a dad, ask him what he would have done if your grandfather didn't let him have any contact with you Right now your father is angry and upset and hurt, most of all. His daughter who is not able to support herself or a child has brought responsibility on that now becomes his problem. I think giving him some time and space and being fair about the situation at hand is how to deal with it. We parents want better for our kids then we had and want them to achieve higher then we did. We also pray that our children absorbed what we taught them throughout the years to be responsible. Your father has the right to be angry but to keep you away from the boy, I say this because, you both are still children, who helped this situation come about, is a little unreasonable at this point because he needs to be involved with the raising and financial aspect of the baby, too. You need to go to your father when you feel you can approach him and let him know that you are willing to do whatever it takes to make the situation as best it can be and that the boy needs to be involved and so do the boys parents. Please in the future so not to add to the problem use protection until you can financially support kids, without having to be on state assistance. **==ANOTHER ANSWER==** DONT HAVE ANY contact with the father or family......FOR NOW> You are still a minor and your parents call the shots. Before your baby is born, seek out support groups that deal with situatioins like this. Things will cool down, and maybe you can get a dialouge going with your parents, with some supports. Don't push this issue too hard at first. Find out WHY your parents feel the way they do. Are you and babys' father in love? Is he responsible? Is he MUCH older? Does he work? Is he a jerk that loves and leaves? What are HIS intentions? These are all questions your father is wondering (and so should YOU) and he's probably quite upset. Now that you are a MOMMY, you have to act grown up and deal with these issues like and ADULT. Don't defy your dad and cause a family problem that you may not be able to FIX......GOOD LUCK... Also, please contact your local PlannedParenthood. They are NOT just about abortions. They can provide important info and also teach you how to use birth control safely and effectively.....for NEXT time. You no doubt will continue to be sexually active,and at 15 you don't need another pregnancy!