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Act like an intelligent young woman that has it together. Face him! Tell him you made mistakes in the past and humans do make mistakes, but you have learned from them and you'd like a second chance. Mean it!

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Should you get back with an ex of four years who you still love even though you have moved away to university?

No, because it will hold you back on your work trying to focus on your ex.

How do you get your ex back do you got dumped by him and you ex is trying to get back with his girlfriend he had before you?

let him go

What should you do if your ex got his new girlfriend pregnant while he was still trying to get back with you?

A guy who got another girl pregnant while he was trying to get back together with an ex is not worth having. Forget him and find someone else.

You want your ex back but he has a girlfriend.?

Leave your ex alone, are is more fish in the sea. I dont think you should go through trying to get backwith them.

If you and your ex remained good friend and you know all about the other woman in his life and he wants you back should you go back?

if you like him then take him back

Should you be getting mad if the ex still calls her?

it depends if the ex wants her back because he's selfish (get mad) or if he's trying to apologize but not beg for her to come back. (dont go berserk)

How do you get back at your bofriends ex who is trying to steal him back?

well dont let her

Why is my ex trying so hard to get back with me After 2 years?

Your ex is trying so hard to get back with you after 2 years probably because he/she realized how much you really mean to him/her.

Your ex is seeing a woman in the same stree as you why?

trying to make someone jealous

How do you know if your ex boyfriend really likes you?

he cant really like you if he is your ex he will be trying to get back with you then

How can you get back your older ex?

It depends on whether or not he's with someone else. If you're a guy trying to get an ex back look up 'How to get a girl to like you?' and if you're a girl trying to get an ex back look up 'How to get a guy to like you?' Very accurate answers!

Your ex boyfriend is trying to get you back?

let him if you like him its good to you

Should you get back with an ex?


Should you get back together with your ex girlfriend?

I am a girl and i would NEVER get back with my ex.

How do I tell boyfriend's exgirlfriend she needs to stop trying to get him back?

you tell her "stop trying to get your ex back, its never going to happen."

How do you know if he is only with you to get back at his ex?

* If he is in contact with his ex while being with you then anything is possible. Unless there are children involved where he has to see his ex to see his children, then he should have moved on from his ex. If he is still seeing his ex tell him it's either her or you. Never take a back seat to another woman in regards to your mate. Don't blame his ex, blame him!

Should I take back a divorced man after he decided to go back with ex and family and it didn't work.?

How you can blame a guy for trying to make it work with children and wife?

Is your ex boyfriend trying to make you jealous with his ex girl friend?

He might be trying to make you jealous, but he may also just want his ex- girlfriend back. In this case, usually your ex- boyfriend can try to make you jealous which can mean he wants you back and by making you jealous you will come back to him, or it can also mean he is trying to show you how much you need him, but you can't have him. The real answer is, no body can know other the the ex- boyfriend himself.

How do you get an ex to go out with you?

It depends on if it is a boy or girl that you are trying to go back out with.

What do i do when my ex is playing games and trying to get back together?

It really depends on you do you want to get back together with him?

What should you do about your ex girlfriend?

I suggest you be more specific in asking what you should do about your ex girlfriend: do you want her back? does she want you back?, etc...

How do you get your ex-girlfriend back if you and her ex are trying to get back with her?

If you are indeed keen on getting your ex girlfriend back, even if her ex boyfriend want her back, what you can do to make sure that he will choose you is make her see your best foot forward. Show her how better you are over her ex, how happy you can become if she decided to come back to you and how things will be better now.

Is my narcissist ex done crawling back to me if he told me he's in love with another woman?

Only until he falls out of love with her. Your ex will be done crawling back to you when you stop accepting him back.

What happens if you trying to get over your ex nd you have a 1 night fling would it make me want my ex back even more?

That would rather much depend on the expertise of the woman who you had the fling with. If she 'flung' better than your ex, I'd venture to guess that you'd not be quite so intent on re-kindling the relationship with your ex.

If you know your ex-boyfriend is trying to play you again but you keep going back to him what would you do?

I wouldn't go back to him! "you keep going back":O you should have left him the first time... in fact if you know that he is "playing away" you should have ended it right their and then.

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