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you can always have the foundation removed and the hole filed in. Thus creating a greater land space. The real problem with this question is that you have not given enough information. Where is the pool located, open area? enclosed area? is it for private use only or is the community at large envolved with this defunct pool? It seems that the Plumbing already exist for you to make an incredible garden out of this area. Tell me more, dimensions and location, anything and everything.

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Q: What should be done with an in ground swimming pool no longer in use that will be environmentally friendly to neighbors and backyard?
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What is the best media to clean calcium off of swimming pool tile?

Glass bead is the best media when cleaning swimming pool tile. Glass beads are environmentally friendly and will not damage your swimming pool tile during the cleaning process. The beads are manufactured from silica- and lead-free glass and are round in shape. Because of their spherical shape, the beads are able to hit the tile surface without scratching or damaging it. Glass beads provide the best pool tile cleaning results. They are more effective and safer than harsh chemicals, and will save you time and money over pumice stones.

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