What should motorcyclists do in cold winter weather?

Here's the answer given in Timberwoof's Motorcycle FAQ:

In many places, it gets too cold or snowy to regularly ride during the winter, so you have to lay the bike up for storage. Check your bike's user manual for how to do this.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, 'winterizing' a motorcycle means packing your rain gear in the saddlebags and velcroing closed the vents on your Aerostich.


Cold weather riding can be done, as long as their isn't snow or ice on the road. Most people who enjoy this form of torture purchase plug-in heated accosories, such as a heated vest, and gloves or heated handlebar grips. A lot also install wind screens on their bikes, in order to cut down on the windblast. You have to be carefull though, because your tire's rubber compound doesn't warm up as much, and that will cause less traction.


An old "Biker" taught me to stuff newspaper in the front of my Jacket and Chaps to help isolate the cold blast of wind away from your skin. I have also used those little hand warmer packets that you can get from some retail outlets and gas stations, I have used them in my boots and in my gloves, because I'm too tough or too stupid and cheap to buy all the heated clothes and handle-grips.I live and ride in the "Great White North" and may leave when the weather is nice, but ya never know what type of weather you'll be ridin' in 100 miles down the road. Ride safe, if you get too cold, STOP! Jim.


Keep riding. There are a bunch of us who have our own forum just for riders who ride year round, we have members everywhere from Alaska to Florida and plenty of state in between. yearroundriders.com