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The same as a non-salt system pool. Disregard answer above. The only reading that will remain constant, in the above situation, is the alkalinity =80 - 120 ppm; pH = 7.4 - 7.6 For a salt system pool your conditioner/stabilizer should be slightly higher than a namually fed pool. You should achieve readings of 75 - 85 ppm.

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Q: What should the readings be for alkalinity and stabilizer for a salt water swimming pool?
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How often should you check pool chemicals?

Chlorine, pH, Alkalinity weekly in swimming season Calcium, stabilizer, salt (if you have a Chlorine generator) metals monthly

Will adding stabilizer effect the pH or the alkalinity and how soon after can you swim?

Stabilizer can effect the pH some but usually it is a very minor amount. You should be able to swim the same day.

How should you open an in ground salt water pool after the winter?

To open an in ground salt water pool after the winter, you should first test the water. It will have to be adjusted to bring the alkalinity and PH to where it should be, as well as the chlorine, and stabilizer. Adjust the alkalinity first, and then the PH. Next take care of the chlorine, and stabilizer. Finally, add your salt to the pool.

When adding stabilizer to a salt water pool is the backwash running while pouring in the stabilizer?

When adding stabilizer to a pool you should not have a backwash valve open. Stabilizer should be added directly into the skimmer basket and you should open the skimmer all the way and close off the main drains for 24 hours.

How much chlorine should you put in an 18-foot swimming pool?

Enough to bring the readings to within 1.5 to 5.0 ppm. Ues a test kit!!

What is the pH of a swimming pool?

Ph readings can vary from near 2.5 or lower to 8.0 depending on the test device used. The proper pH should be 7.4 to 7.6 ppm

If my pool has too much alkalinity what should you do?

add acid

What do you add if alkalinity is low in your pool?

Buffer should be added.

What chemical should you add to your pool first if after 5 days water is not completely cleared up and the pH level is down?

You should check on your Total Alkalinity first and that should be the first thing added before pH Increaser. But without knowing all your readings it is hard to say exactly what is wrong with your pool water.

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What levels of alkalinity should you be concerned about?

1000000000-20000000000 isn't that just great?

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