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Warm wax should be heated to 40-43 degrees.

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What is the proper working temperature for warm wax?

Warm wax should be heated to 40-43 degrees.

What is the working temperature warm wax and hot wax?

warm wax - 40-43 degrees

What is the difference between cool surfboard wax and warm surfboard wax?

To be stupid, one is cold and the other is warm, but to be smart the cold wax may be stiffer and harder to spread, while the warm wax will be easier to spread but more slippery. If you use wax a lot try just use sing it at room temperature. It should work! ;)

When hot waxing downhill skis can you apply a warmer temperature wax over a colder temperature wax?

Yes. You can also use a warm wax to remove other waxes or even dirt. Simply wax a warm wax on your skis and scrap the wax off while it is still molten. This is called hot scraping. So you can either hot scrap the colder wax out and then apply the warm wax, let it cool and scrap/brush, or you can just wax the warmer wax in.

What are the ingredients of warm wax?

Heat and wax

What are the basic ingredients of warm wax?

Wax + Heat = Warm Wax Nah, just kidding... Here are the ingredients to Warm Wax: Glucose, Fructose, Maltose, Aqua, Citric Acid, Modified Colophonium, Solanum Tuberosum, and Parfum

Is eyebrow wax hot when they put it on your eyebrows?

Heated wax should be warm not hot when applied to eyebrows. There are also ready to use eyebrow wax on the market with an easy to follow directions.

What is the composition of warm wax?

The composition of warm wax includes glucose, fructose, aqua, citric acid, maltose, modified colophonium, solanum tuberosum, and partum. Warm wax is heated then applied to skin. Tape strips are used to remove the hair and the wax.

A warm-up routine should your body temperature?

Increase the body temperature.

How do you put wax on a wax tablet?

You take your tablet (a slab of wood) and you warm it some by the fire. You melt your wax in a ceramic cup and pour the wax onto the level surface of the tablet. If the tablet has a slightly raised edge then you should get a covering of wax that is almost as thick as the lip (wax shrinks a lot when it cools so the surface will not be exactly flat but that should not matter much.

How should you apply warm wax to underarm hair?

dont do it apply veet dont do it apply veet

Why humans are warm-blooded?

humans are warm blooded because to regulate body temperature if we are cold then we should live in any temperature .

What are the main ingredients in warm wax?

Warm wax is usually made with glucose syrup and oxide along with some other ingredients.

Can you bend wax?

Depending on the temperature, yes you can bend wax.

If your keeping foods warm at what temperature should you keep them?

Come On...

What should the water temperature be when doing a surgical scrub?


What temperature should a tortoise be kept at night?

a tortoise should be kept warm at night.

When do you put on your surfing wax?

As soon as you get your new board, apply wax. Start with an undercoat of cold wax, and then apply a coat of cool wax. The temperature the wax is meant for is written on the packet. please note these guidelines are for surfers in the Uk, so if you live in a warm country, start with warm wax and then apply hot. Apply the wax in a motion similar to when you would rub out a pencil mark on paper, turning your wrist in circles. When the wax smoothes out, over time, use a wax comb to rough it up a bit. Every six months it is advised to sstrip of your wax (with the smooth edge of a wax comb of very carefully with a wall paper scraper or credit card) and apply two new coats.

At what temperature does a wax seal for a toilet melt?

Depends on the origin of the wax. The melting points of BEE'S wax is 45C. However, other waxes exist such as carnauba (a vegetable wax, 78-85C) and paraffin (a mineral wax, 47-65C). To be safe you should assume that the wax is going to melt with temperatures exceeding

How does the color red affect temperature?

it is a warm color, therefore it affects warm temperature. it is a warm color, therefore it affects warm temperature.

How do you warm ham to room temperature?

Meats should be served either cold or hot. Room temperature is not a safe holding temperature.

What temperature does wax turn into a liquid?

Wax melts at 300 degrees F

How do you wax your body hair?

Warm some wax, spread it on the body part you want to 'wax', let it cool, and then rip it off. OUCH!

How does air temperature affect soap bubbles and how long they last?

the temperature should be cool but if its warm it will pop easier

How can you get rid of ear wax?

use ear or eye dropper use baby oil and WARM olive oil they should help

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