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What should the timing be on a 1984 escort turbo?

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It is located under the timing cover and it is driven by the timing belt.

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Should be 8 to 10 degrees before TDC

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up until the 1985 models of subaru they didnt have timing belts. instead they have a gear that runs off of the crankshaft, making the older subarus(1984 and older) the most reliable cars ever made. i personally drive a 1984 GL 1.8L non turbo, and have done the rebuild. my ODO is at 259922.2 mi.

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First look at the manufacturing date on the rear of the driver's door; example 7/87 you need that to follow the motor swap. Turbo Before 4/87 1984-1986 Turbo After 5/87 1987-1989 Turbo NoN-Turbo Before 3/87 1984-1987 Non Turbo NoN-Turbo After 4/87 1987-1989 Non Turbo

Timing light. The instructions are on the engine hood.

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To set the timing on a 1984 Chevy Celebrity with the V6 engine: 1. Disconnect the HEI connector so the engine will run in closed loop. 2. Start the engine and use an inductive timing light to check the timing. It should be at 100 before top dead center 3. If the timing is off loosen the clamp at the base of the distributor and turn the distributor so that the timing is set. 4. When you have set the timing tighten the clamp and verify that the timing did not change. If it stayed the same reconnect the HEI connector.

Check out my bio page for help on setting your timing.

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In the 1984 300 TD, the capacity is 18.5 gallons of which 2.5 gallons are reserve. It should be the same for the '85.

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