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The only solution for ur question is your decision.... Make sure it is ok in first place... sit alone think of it and ask him out.

Shamanl You should hang out with him for a bit get him to go to his normal self cause he might be different than you think he is, and if you like him for who he is then tell him your feelings. yes I'm a dude, but yea follow your heart.

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it kinda depends on your age and his like if hes 3 years older then you then its not a big deal but if it's like 3 years older then you then yeah it is

Is it okay to like your older sisters boyfriend? can like him but it would be kinda messed up if you made a move on him

What should you do if you like a guy that not your age and not older then. And u kinda told him you like him should you ask him out And u like him for who he is but your not sure if you should ask him?

if you like a guy that is younger then you it's okay. go ask him out, what's the worst that can happen? if you like a guy that is younger then you it's okay. go ask him out, what's the worst that can happen?

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Kinda..kinda..stop with the kinda liking..Either you like one or you don't..Make your choice.The other girl you used to like is probably jealous because girls get like that.

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Hey, if the girl you like kinda likes you you should ask her to go to the movies or a dance; somewhere you to can hangout and talk!

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No, not at all, you should tell your friend if she doesn't already know that you kind of like him again and you lot should be mature and just laugh it over!

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only if she doesnt like your friend

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tell him to deal with it :P

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