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if you like a guy that is younger then you it's okay. go ask him out, what's the worst that can happen? if you like a guy that is younger then you it's okay. go ask him out, what's the worst that can happen?

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It means they kinda like you. They are not sure yet if they like you alot but they are kinda into you

Hi???The only solution for ur question is your decision.... Make sure it is ok in first place... sit alone think of it and ask him out.Shamanl You should hang out with him for a bit get him to go to his normal self cause he might be different than you think he is, and if you like him for who he is then tell him your feelings. yes I'm a dude, but yea follow your heart.

well you should find a boy friend that to you is kinda a friend and see if your friend is jealous

I think its kinda like yoo-le-an But I am not to sure! :)

they mean like that she, or he, is unsure kinda like umm... or just ... they are not sure fo what to say

make sure that you don't act like a little kid if you are going to date someone way older then you...then you need to step up some levels because that person will expect you to act older like that person

use that kinda wet soil and make sure that it has nutrients

just be yourself and make sure she is worth your time

I belive they yell Olé! and its kinda like saying Bavo! something like a cheer but not sure as to its background

If you are 100% sure, go for it. I mean, really. Look around. For most married couples, the guy is usually 2+ years older than the girl. If you both feel like that, then all I can say is, JACKPOT!!

With an older dog a trip to the vet is in order to make sure nothing is wrong internally.

First of all, do you know for sure his older brother hates you? He might be saying that because you like his brother and not him. If you like the shy guy, you should pursue your interests in him until he tells you otherwise, regardless of what his older brother says. Seems like both brothers hang out together and the older brother doesn't want you around because three is a crowd.

do a security bypass script...kinda like: if (User == <username>) { SecurityPerms(TRUE) } im not sure if those are the exact values the computer uses...but you should get the idea

Not sure about vertices's, of kinda. It is a triangular prism.

I'm not sure why you would need this but i would go with Arcei. Kinda like plural for platypus is platypi.

Not really sure if Trunks is from the future and Silver is too.However they both kinda act the same.

I'm not really sure, but i would say talk to him about who he likes and then be like oh i kinda like you.. or somthing like that.

That they like them or would like to go out with them stuff kinda like that but if you are already dating then i am not quite sure sorry if i can't be of more help.

As a friend, then kinda. But, like like? No, some people say he likes Maria, but i think only as a best friend, im not sure.

Im kinda in the same situation... what you should do is really just take sometime and evaluate WHY you like BOTH of them? Is this based only on looks? Or is there more to it? If this guy is/was your crush... make sure you really like him and its not just a oh he likes me and I kinda like him" thing (TRUST ME things get complicated if you dont like them the same as you DID before)....

Look if your the girl and he's the guy...... That's kinda wrong if you don't like him and he keeps looking at him say keep your eyeballls to your self and if he like whatever or if he like or what he probaly like you. Again if you don't like him tell him off if that's your thing if not say look I dint like you sorry... But only do this if your sure he like you oh and your kinda to young to date if your are nine so..........good luck

I'm almost sure its kinda like an umbilical cord.... They get food through the stem. The stem is it's root.

Go for it BUT make sure that they like you for who you are not for SEX! Answered by Kayla Syme Thanks for the advice! Damen

I think that it truly doesn't matter. If you really like this person then sure go ahead. It is your choice and no one can tell you any different.

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