What should you be feeding your 7 month old baby?

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He / She should still get formula or breast milk. Baby food in jars or cooked vegies or fruit that has been smashed. Graham crackers without the honey or regular saltines. No Whole milk yet. Nothing with peanuts in case they have allergies. Just try different baby food to see what they like.

I would add to the above list cereals such as porridge or weetabix but be cautious that many commercial breakfast cereals contain too much sugar and salt.
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How often can you feed your 7-month-old baby pureed carrots without her skin turning orange?

\n. \n Skin Coloration from Carrots . Here is advice:\n. \n . Once children start eating something other than formula fruits and sweet veggies like carrots are the first things. All children need a balanced diet.\n . \n . I wouldn't give them it more than once a day. That should be fine. ( Full Answer )

What to feed 7 months old child?

baby food idears . the best things are the most simple organic vegtables carrot and turnip very well cooked puree and just dab a lilte on the lips and baby will soon get a tast for new foods but do try not to give baby high fat or processed foods as these are very hard to digest also thinly made ( Full Answer )

What should you feed your 1 month old pup?

if teeth are in soak puppy food in water loosen with fork when teeth are all the way in start dry food if its a large puppy with teeth just try dry puppy food please make sure its puppy food because they need the smaller bites

How much should a 7 month old baby girl weigh?

My daughter was born 8lb 13 oz. She weighted 18lbs at 6 months. It is totally normal. they are supposed to be gaining on a sliding scale. you need to check woth your doctor to make sure she is at a healthy percentile. I think ALL pedis do this. If not, find a new one!

How much formula should you feed a seven month old baby?

Hi, my baby is 7 months and her schedule is as follows;. 7am - 200 mls formula. 8am - baby cereal mixed with 60mls formula. 9-11 sleep. 11am - offer 120mls formula but she rarely takes it at this time for some reason. 11.30/12 mix left over formula with baby rice and jar of fruit.. 1-3pm sleep ( Full Answer )

Can you feed your 7 month old dog yogurt?

Yes. I use to mix yogurt with my dogs food when he was a puppy and he loved it. I believe I've seen dog foods containing yogurt as well. The live culture kind is good for them.

What should the diet be for a 7 month old baby?

A majority of a 7-month old baby's diet should be of either breast milk or formula about 5-6 feedings a day. In addition the baby should eat either fruit and or vegetable at least once a day. The important thing about introducing new foods to a baby is one food at a time to test and see if the child ( Full Answer )

What to feed an 8 months old baby?

If you are tradional weaning, then formula baby food can be found in grocery stores and supermarkets. There are a variety of purees and flavours depending on your babies age. If you are baby-led weaning that you have a greater range of options - as your baby can mostly eat whatever you have. This ( Full Answer )

You are breast feeding your one month old should you not bottle feed?

Bottle feeding does interfere with the mother's production of breast milk. The supply of milk increases and decreases depending on the baby's demand. If you are supplementing, then you are decreases the demand. If you must be away from your baby, try to pump your milk and freeze it .

How much should a 7 month old baby weight?

Babies vary greatly in size and weight, especially in infancy.Unless there are specific problems with the child's health, theweight is of little importance.

What to feed a 7 month old rottweiler?

that all depends on how u want him.. if u want him aggressive then raw meat if not then just dog food.. keep in mind Rottweiler's are naturally very aggressive dogs

How much should you feed your 10 month old mastiff?

It depends on what type of food you are feeding your dog, due to the varying amounts of ingredients and calories in each brand. I recommend feeding your 10 month old mastiff a dry food specially formulated for large breed puppies, as mastiffs are not done growing until they are about 2 years old. Fe ( Full Answer )

What should you feed a one month old pet rabbit?

Pellets, and Hay. I'd use Timothy hay, you can use Alphalfa Hay until it gets to be about 5 months, but I'd just get a big thing of Timothy Hay. (Alphalfa is richer than Timothy, It's like how a mothers milk is richer than bottled milk?). Also if you give him/her any greens, (like cabbage or lettuc ( Full Answer )

Why won't my 7 month old baby sleep?

because your baby is used to being in the wom its used to wrapped very tightly and the baby wont sleep bacause its too cold and they feel the breeze and wind and more so if you really want your baby to sleep wrap it very tightly in a blanket and but to pillows around it one on each sissde and your b ( Full Answer )

What foods do you feed your 6 month old baby or what should hishers menu be like?

a 6 month old should be introduced to one new food at a time given over a one week period to test for allergies. usually start with vegetables and once you get through a few then continue to try fruits. its also a good way to figure out what your child prefers to eat. just make sure you wait the who ( Full Answer )

What should you feed to 8 month old foals?

At that age, foals should be weaned and able to eat solid food. There should be feed for foals of that age at your local feed/tack store. You can also consult your vet to see if they think your specific foal needs a different diet for some reason.

What should you feed your 7 week old dachshund puppy?

it depends if their weened off their mommas milk already. if they are, feed them dog food thats soft you can buy it this way or soften it with some milk or water. if their not weened go to a pet store and find a baby bottle and some puppy milk with nutrients in it.

What is the Average length of a 7 month old baby boy?

At about 6 months, growth often slows slightly, to about 1 to 1.25 pounds (450 to 600 grams) a month. That rate usually continues until the first birthday, when growth slows a bit more. Babies' length also continues to increase greatly, perhaps 2 inches (6 centimeters)

What foods should you feed your one month old kitten?

Aside from the mother's milk, you can start to mix a little wet kitten food with kitten milk. A lot of the time the mother will end up showing the babies how to eat. It is advisable to refrain feeding kitten dry food while they are so young as they will no have strong enough jaw muscles to crunch do ( Full Answer )

What to feed a 18 month old baby with diarrhea?

The first day you should only give the pedialyte. If they seen better add saltines, and then the second or third day you should give them plain cherrios, saltines, and pedialyte. DO NOT GIVE THEM DAIRY! I gave mine dairy after 4 days and it was still bad. Stick to plain cherrios, saltines, and pedia ( Full Answer )

Can a 7 month old baby have prawns?

Many are against giving small children shellfish for fear of thembeing allergic. Most babies are okay to have prawns but inmoderation.

How much should you feed a one month old Yorkie?

A one month old yorkie should have about 1/4 cup of dog food. Some yorkies don't eat very much in the beginning so although you give them that much doesn't mean they are going to eat all of it.

How much to feed a Five month old baby?

Check with your doctor. Most 5 month old babies are still on formula, breast milk or some other liquid if they have any health issues. They eat a couple of ounces every couple of hours. If the doctor oks it they might be on cereal or pureed food. But only an ounce or two once or twice a day.

How many inches is a 7 month old baby?

That doesn't make any sense, babies are all different sizes. It could be a really small baby or a really big baby, or normal.

How often should you feed a 6-7 month old cornsnake?

Once a week is perfectly fine. It will give the snake's digestive system time to relax between feeds. When it's a year old - space the feeds out to 10-14 days, and increase the size of the food item.

Should you feed your six month old rabbit carrots?

Six months of age is a good time to introduce treats to your bunny's diet. Any younger, and treat foods aren't recommended because they can make your bunny sick. Carrot is a good treat for rabbits, because it's sweet and flavorful, and healthy in moderation. Too many treats will make any rabbit s ( Full Answer )

Can your 7 month old baby have ice cream?

No, you should not feed your baby anything other than the recommended foods for your baby's age; this is because the baby could have, or could develop allergies.