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What should you do about bad night sweats and hot flashes?

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If you are going through menapause then you should see a doctor. They had to put my Mom on a hormone pill and that helped her out a lot.


I went through this and did my homework (also talked to my doctor) on Hormone Replacement and for long-term use it is linked to breast cancer, heart attacks, blood clots and heart attacks. Short-term is easier, but only in severe cases should it be used.

For hot flashes I would run the undersides of my wrists under cold water or put a cold cloth on the back of my neck. At night I would use a fan that just blew over top of the bed, not directly on me to keep me cool and kept an extra blanket close by in case I became cold. When going out I would layer my clothing. I'd wear a blouse, bring a cardigan sweater with me if I felt chilly after having a hot flash. In the summer I would use a spray bottle with tepid water in it and spray myself (especially if I was in shorts) and it cooled me right down.

Menopause is NOT a disease but a part of life so it's most important each woman realizes this and works with this process rather than against it. There are many social programs where women can go and talk in a group for support. Most women can ease through the process if they learn to understand it and there are a small percentage of women that actually need to go onto short-term (only) Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Good diet, exercise (yoga is great) or Tai Chi. Lots of water 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water. Stay away from caffeine such as coffee, tea (can have a cup or two) and this also includes pop and chocolate. Eat healthy and yams are loaded with estrogene and I have yams 3 times a day. I also buy my chicken and beef from a meat market (little more money) and it's called "free range." This means there are no hormones in the meat. I also buy my eggs there as well. I noticed a marked improvement on my symptoms with I took out too much caffeine in my daily routine and stuck to free-range chicken and beef.

2007-03-05 21:30:33
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Q: What should you do about bad night sweats and hot flashes?
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Why do you have lightheadedness and night sweats?

I think you get night sweats because you are eaither hot, or you are having a bad dream

Are night sweats a symptom of lymphoma?

Many bad night sweats is not a sign of cancer. You can be overweight. You can also have menopause symptoms. That doesn't mean that you have lymphoma, but if you want to know what causes your night sweats; visit a local doctor.

Why do you have bad sweats taking oxycodone?

A friend of mine was prescribed 30mg oxycodone and he would complain about waking up with the sweats. He told me that when he would wake up with the sweats, it was because his body was going through withdrawals from not taking the oxycodone throughout the night.

What does crohn's disease look like?

if youre asking symptom guessing it changes for everyone...but for me i had: -no appetite -bad gas -lost lotttsss of weight -night sweats -night fevers

What are the signs of chron's disease?

well...i guess it changes for everyone...but for me, i had: -no appetite -bad gas -lost lotttssss of weight -night sweats -night fevers if you think you might have any of those i realllly recommend seeing a doc

Is it bad to eat late at night even if you sleep during the daytime?

you should be sleeping at night and up in the daytime or it is bad for you

What can happen to a person if they stop taking Klonopin suddenly?

You will go into full flede withdrawl within 24-48 hours consisting of hot flashes, cold sweats, vomiting, pooping fluidly, insomnia, irtibilty, ect.... Depending on how long you have been taking them for how bad it is going to be.

What causes a 32-year-old man to have shakes and bad night sweats at least twice a week?

Have your thyroid function tested. You may be having a problem with "Thyroid Storm".

Why does your upper lip smell bad?

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Does green tea brewed in the sun with splenda go bad?

I brewed a gallon of water with 8 green tea bags in the sun for about 6 hrs. when I brought it in the house I put 1/2 cup splenda in it I had a glass a little while later and it looked funny and tasted different than before, I have always brewed it in the house. The nexted day it smelled really bad so I dumped it down the sink and when I did it was slimmy and very thick. That night I didn't sleep well and had night sweats, I never have night sweats, so my question is can green tea brewed in the sun with splenda in it go bad.

Why do you need hormone replacement therapy?

One personal story goes like this:I get terrible hot flashes lasting up to l hr and feel as if i am steaming. I am 60 yrs old and have had hot flashes and night sweats for l2 years. The Night sweats are so severe that I have to change my night clothes 3 to 4 times nightly.My day clothes i change twice mostly evening and night. I am going to Australia in November and it will be very hot. i would love to see my grandchildren but my sweats are so bad i don't know if i can face it.MORE ABOUT HRT:Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) replaces the critical, key hormones that your body stops producing after your peak child bearing years; usually about 35-40 years old. When that production reaches a critical low, the body responds with over 40 typical aging symptoms. Hot flashes & night sweats, insomnia, fatigue & joint pain, weight gain, anxiety and depression are also common symptoms.There are many creams, patches, health food store and Internet potions and concoctions that for the most part don't work. If you are seriously uncomfortable and want serious medicine that will get rid of the symptoms and give you relief, please search for Pellet therapy HRT.Pellet therapy is done by MEDICALLY inserting a small pellet of 100% natural pharmaceutical grade Testosterone or estrogen under the skin. The pellet then slowly devolves and is absorbed by the body, replenishing the key hormones the body is deficit in. The pellets last up to 90 days and don't spike the body or create a hormone roller coaster, but do remove the symptoms & give relief, energy, sleep, relief from joint pain, insomnia and Hot flashes.

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What are the symptoms of tuberculosis?

Common CoughCoughing up bloodFeverLoss of appetiteWeight LossNight SweatsThe general symptoms of TB disease include feelings of sickness or weakness, weight loss, fever, and night sweats. The symptoms of TB disease of the lungs also include coughing, chest pain, and the coughing up of blood. Symptoms of TB disease in other parts of the body depend on the area affected.The classic symptoms are a chronic cough with blood-tinged sputum, fever, night sweats, and weight loss. Infection of other organs causes a wide range of symptoms.When the disease becomes active, 75% of the cases involve infection in the lungs (pulmonary TB). Symptoms include chest pain, coughing up blood, and a productive, prolonged cough for more than three weeks. Systemic symptoms include fever, chills, night sweats, appetite loss, weight loss, pallor, and fatigue.prolonged coughweight lossfevernight sweatsfatigueSymptoms of TB in the lungs may include A bad cough that lasts 3 weeks or longerWeight lossLoss of appetiteCoughing up blood or mucusWeakness or fatigueFeverNight sweats

Is it bad to shower at night and not at morning?

Personally i like to shower in the morning, but if you have very oily skin or hair , you should shower at night

What are the withdraw symptoms of heroin?

I myself am very familiar with opiate withdrawal. Ill just say its probably one of the worst things to ever go through. its almost like the worst case of the flu you will ever have...x10. you will be extremely aggravated, have hot flashes/cold sweats, vomiting, a bad case of the poops, and just all around a bad time. Dont do heroin or other opiates! ITS NOT WORTH IT!

How many calories does a hot flash burn?

Well it depends on how bad your hot flashes are really

What is the duration of Bad Night for the Blues?

The duration of Bad Night for the Blues is 900.0 seconds.

What are Herbal remedies for really bad hot flashes?

The following herbs are used separately or in combination for treatment of menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes: Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) it is an estrogenic and mimics the actions of estrogen Wild Yam (Dioscorea villosa) contains isoflavones to relieve menopause symptom. In the 18th and 19th centuries used to treat 'female' problems Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) reduces hot flashes and sweats, like Black Cohosh it also contains phytoestrogens Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) Contains isoflavones to relieve the symptoms of menopause. May also play a role in osteoporosis treatment.

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My Mom is 36 yrs old weight 45kgs and the right side of her body from face to toe swell really bad and hurts like sharp knives going through.Also she gets bad night sweats.?

Your mother should see her doctor for a full physical and blood workup. Night sweats can be caused from many things such as side effects of medications, partial hysterectomy, full hysterectomy (meaning the first one is the ovaries are left and the latter the ovaries are taken out.) She could also be suffering from what they call 'gout' (if she is swelling from knee to ankle or even toes and it's red and swollen and very painful.) There are just too many variables to diagnose your mother as we are not doctors on this site, but, you SHOULD get your mother into the doctor's immediately! Your mother is very lucky to have you worrying about her so take her into her doctor and if you are too young to do so then ask a relative to take her. Your mother should NOT go to see her doctor alone considering she is in such poor physical shape.