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Fill it back up?

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Q: What should you do after you have drained the water and the pool is clean?
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How can you clean the calcium from the bottom of your swimming pool?

Have the pool drained and acid washed.

When is a pool too dirty to clean with chemicals and must be drained?

when you have a floating dump in the pool

How often should an in ground pool be drained and given a chlorine bath?

I cant see why it should be drained and given a chlorine bath at all. If there is no problem with the water or the looks of the pool leave it alone.

How can you get rid of water in your pool?

The water can be drained outwith a hose.

Should your pool have been drained if your liner came loose at some spots around the top after flooding and the walls collapsed two or three days later when the pool was drained?

The pool probably should not have been drained until the ground had a chance to drain. The weight if the water in the pool helps to support the wall againt the groundwater pressure.

How do you clean the vegetable oil from your pool that your husband put in to get rid of mosquitos?

Vegetable oil is relatively to get out of a pool that is filled with water. The oil does not mix with water and will stay on the top layer. It can either be scooped out in a cup or the pool can be drained and refilled.

How do you get your pool water clean when all?

mabey u should keep birds out of the pool from pooping in it.

Can a drained above-ground pool get damaged with no water in it?

Yes, drained above ground pools are not structurally able to handle wind loads. The water helps the pool maintain its' shape.

How do you clean the water in a little blow up pool?

Dump out the water, clean the plastic pool with soap and water, rinse it out and refill the pool from a hose.

Should a pool pump run on filter or circulation in freezing temperatures?

Normally the filtration equipment of a pool is drained to reduce the risk of water freezing in the equipment and wrecking it However of the water is not getting so cold that it freezes in the pipes you would be better of ruining it on filter You may as well keep the water as clean as possible

How do you clean murky and green pool water in an easy set pool?

Drain/Backwash the pool, clean the inside, and add fresh water.

How do you clean cloudy pool water?

clean the filter

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