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What should you do for a cat who has a broken paw?

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This type of question puzzles me. What would you do if you slammed your hand in a heavy door and broke several bones in it? Sit around and type questions about it, or get to the hospital? Fractures hurt. If not set properly, they heal badly, and cripple the victim to some degree. Cat can't grow new paws any more than you can grow a new hand. Get the poor thing to the vet.

I would take it to the vet, then after they fix it i would nurture it until it can walk again

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How can you tell if your cat has a broken paw?

The only sure way to tell if your cats paw is broken is to have it x-rayed. Take your cat to the local animal hospital to have this done.

If a cat has broken it's paw can it still walk?

If the cat's paw is broken, it needs to be seen by a vet, who will likely put a cast on the paw. Whether or not the cat can walk depends on the type of break, where it is, and the type of cast (if any) is used.

How do you know if a cat's paw is sprained or broken?

To know for sure the cat should have an x-ray at the vet office.

Cat was in fight and half of paw pad is gone what should I do?

Cat was in fight and half of paw pad is gone what should I do?

What does a broken paw look like?

a broken paw

How do you tell what is wrong with a swelled paw on a cat?

You should take the cat to the veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

Will a bunny still live with a broken paw?

yes a bunny will live with a broken paw

Cat has broken nailwill that make him limp and not be able to put weight on his leg?

Depends on where the break is, if it is inside of the paw then it is lilely to be painful and cause limping, however if break is outside of the paw it is unlikely to be painful. If it is inside the paw put some antiseptic on it and bandage it, to reduce the chances of infection that would make it worse.O.K.If your cat has broken it's nail, it will not be able to put A LOT of weight on it's foot or paw or leg. But it will limp for some time until you clup the broken nail off or it comes off. If the cat meows in pain, or is sounding a little funny, then you should take it to the vet. If the nail is broken near the skin, rush to the vets office before something bad happens.I'll keep your cat in my prayers if you HAVE to RUSH to the vets office! :-J

Can you fix a broken paw tendon of a cat?

tendons are not bones therefore they cannot break its probably a torn tendon

What colour are the paw pads of a Burmilla cat?

The paw pads on a Burmilla cat will coincide with the coat color of the cat.

What does a fisher cat paw print look like?

A fisher cat paw print looks just like a regular cat paw print but it also has their nails on the paw print. It looks very unique.

What should you do for a cat who lost a claw on front paw?

Take it to see a veterinarian.

Your cat has a red inflamed paw pad what should you do?

Take him/her to the vet immediately.

What does it mean when your cat lifts up his paw as if it were broken?

Mine does that too. Only when wants something. It's called "beggies" :).

What colour are the paw pads of a Burmese cat?

The color of the paw pads on a Burmese cat are brown.

What can you give to your cat for pain in left foot?

Never self medicate your cat. Take the cat to vet for a proper diagnosis on it's paw. There could be a broken bone or an infection you can't see.

How do you take care of your dogs broken paw?

You should take it to a vet but if you cant get to a vet put a cold compress on the paw then put a bandage on it

What to do for a kittens sprained paw?

The kitten should be ok if it is only a sprain but if there is swelling of the paw then it is a sign that the paw has been broken somewhere .To be safe it would be best to have the kitten examined by a veterinarian .

How do you say paw print on Japanese?

cat paw print

How you can use the word paw in the sentence?

The cat had a muddy paw

What is the difference between a cat and dog paw?

the cats paw lets it balance and the dogs paw doesnt

What should you do for a cat if his nose is broken?

Take it to the vet!

What should you do with a paw paw?

A paw paw is a fruit that grows on the paw paw tree.

Anatomy of cat paw?

There are three parts of the cats paw. The anatomy of the paw includes the digital, plantar, and the wrist.

Why did the cat in animal farm ask the sparrow to perch on her paw after telling them that all animals are comrades?

The cat said that so the sparrows would come to rest on her paw thinking that they were all comrades, and then the cat would eat the sparrows when they are sitting on her paw. But none of the sparrows sat on her paw.