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What should you do if a guy likes you but to shy to ask you out?


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Same prob. here - become a better friend with him so he'll be less shy aroung you.

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well if he's allready shy just ask him if he likes u

If he likes you, he will be shy around you, say he is a player and cool, but around you he is shy and sensative, he probably likes you so stay around him, and if he doesnt ask you out he is shy so you ask him out. Good Luck! =)

If a guy likes you but he is taking forever to ask you out, chances are he is shy. Try asking him out, instead. Be a liberated woman.

Ask him if he likes you and if he studers tell him you like him

You can't make someone ask you out. So if you like the guy but he's too shy to ask you out then try asking him out instead. Otherwise it might not happen

If a guy likes you and won't ask you out it's because either he is too shy to ask or is afraid of being told no. You must take it upon yourself to ask him out or make it obvious that you want him to ask you out without looking too desperate. Good Luck! you should ask him out then.

if its a guy you like then see if he likes you first. If he does the next thing you do is see if he has a date and if he dosent ask him dont be shy to ask him.

Alright... if u think this guy likes u then don't be shy just go up and ask him in person or write a note .... or get one of your best friends to ask for u ... hope this helps ....Best of Luck!!!1

You should not to be shy!! becoz.. there;s nothing gonna happen.. her.. then ask her.. to ur.. g.f?/ okie?? :)

He will be really confident and initiate conversation and probably ask you out.

You must be shy, it's normal to be shy. You should just ask her if she likes you. :) Get on your knees, offer her a rose, and tell her that you love her.

possibly because he is very shy around you betrays his affection. is he normally shy around other people? ask your friends, ask his friends.

Ask him out!!! A lot of guys are too shy to ask girl out when they are in teen ages, but they still love girls :) (including myself :/)

Well, you can't really. You just have to ask him if he likes you, because being shy he gets 'scared' to tell you that he likes you and he most likely won't tell you unless you ask him, or unless he grows out of it.

Flirt, that's the best, hang out or if your really not shy, ask him out.

Try asking him. Well if you're to shy to ask him, I'd recomend asking a close friend that you really trust to ask him if he likes you.

Check for body signs if he always pokes you or stares at you then ask him if he likes you, but DONT ever ask himm in front of freinds

ask him out dont be shy it worked for me -keep confident, look UNREACHABLE, you've gotim!!

It most likely means he likes you but is either to shy to have a girlfriend or is not ready to have a girlfriend.

He either: Likes you-if he blushes at you when he asks Or a friend of his likes you and is too shy to ask you himself

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