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well i would ask her what school is she going to but then i would follow and chase my own hearted dreams

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โˆ™ 2010-02-09 19:23:14
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Q: What should you do if the girl you like moves to a new school?
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You like a girl at your school what should you do at grade 5?

Be her friend if you can

What should you do if a girl you like is in none of your classes?

If you like a girl and she is in none of your classes, I think you should try to get her phone number or talk to her before school. Maybe ask her to a dance if you are in hgih school. I am a girl, and that is what I think you should do personally.

If You like this girl at school and you think she likes you back what should you do?

Ask her out!

This girl in my high school class likes me and i like her what should i do?

Ask her out.

What moves around an atom?

me and yo girl she like it

What should you do if you like a girl and you are dating but she doesn't act like it in school?

ask her why she doesnt act like it at school talk to her about it you will never know the answer intill you ask her

Should you talk to a girl in school even if you aren't going out?

Of course! I'm a girl and I think that talking to a girl it important especially if you like her!

What should you do about the girl you like and she likes you back but you don't want to ask her out because of drama in school?

If you truly like this girl you shouldn't let that get in your way! If you are careful you can avoid any drama at your school.

Should a girl ask out a boy during school?

No because the boy might don't like you

Should you call the girl you like?

no Yes you should. If its a girl you like you should tell her how you feel.

What are some moves to get a girl to like you?

Tell her anything on her is pretty like her hair or shoes.

What do you do if you like a girl that your best friend might still like?

Your use of "might still like" impliers that he is already friends with this girl. If he is than you should, in friendship, back off. It is not the done thing to put moves on a friend's partner.

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