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Your question sounds like you're still emotionally a teenager if you are expending energy obsessing over whether "someone you like tried to talk to someone else." The right answer for an adult in this situation is to do nothing. If someone you like isn't behaving as if he/she is interested in you, then he probably doesn't, and you should get on with life. Plus, dating people at work is a risky move. The chances of it working out are very slim, and when it does fall through, what're you going to do then? Avoid them at work? Get another job? Is it really worth it?

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Is it bad to be with someone and you know they have someone else?

You should not date someone when they are with someone else because that means that the person you are with is cheating.

If someone likes someone but the other person doesn't like them what should they do?

If the other person strongly dislikes the person, then they should get over it and find someone else.

When someone tells you they do not like someone else what does that mean?

When that someone said they did not like someone else you should have asked why they didn't like that person. It is called 'communicating.' If you like the person the other person does not like don't be afraid to say so.

You are gay and I like a stright person what should you do?

Tell them or move on to someone else.

What should you do if the person you fancy fancies someone else but theyre flirting with you?

break up with them

How do you compare yourself with the other person?

Really a person should be happy with who they are not try to match themself with someone else.

What do you do if someone is flirting with someone else?

If you are involved with a person you catch flirting with someone else, you can confront them about it.

How do you-get the guy you dumped back?

Tell him you want him back and that you made a mistake and that you regret it and tell him that you love and you care about him. I tried that, but he said he likes someone else, but I don't think he does like someone else. What should I do?

What kind of conflict is person vs person?

The conflict is a person fighting with someone else or feeling upset about something someone else said to them or did.

What about if you like someone but they like someone else what should you do?

It often happens that we can't choose who we fall in love with. If they like someone else there is nothing you can do. Have you asked this person to be with you? If it is the case that you can't be with this person try to move on, there are plenty of people to choose from, don't give this person the power to hurt you.

What should you do if the person you love is also in love with someone else?

Move on and stop wasting your time.

What should you do if you like someone and they like someone else?

Start liking someone else

Who is someone who picks on someone else?

Such a person is a bully.

Boyfriend but you also like someone else what should you do?

i have a boyfriend but like someone else whai should i do

I fancy a girl they fancy someone else and they fancy someone else what should you do?

Lie to the person you love and say the other person has done something horrid. Then the person you love might break up with them and be your girl/boy freind instead to thank you for telling them.

Should i get involved with someone who cut your friend?

No. A person who cuts someone else is not a person to be around and this is really true if they hurt a friend. This person has a problem and the more involved you become with them the apt you are to be another person they will hurt.

What do you do when you like someone and they don't like you?

This is a classic question that people throught time have tried to answer. My advice would be to: - think about the things you don't like about that person - not talk to that person for a while and then see how you feel - go out with someone else for a while - hang out with friends to take you mind of that person - talk to someone

How should a person act around someone that has Autism?

You should act quite normal, like you treat anyoneelse, the person with autism will probably know no difference.

What do you do if you fancy someone but their already going out with someone?

There is nothing you can do or should do. They are in a relationship with someone else and you should move on and focus your interest towards someone else that is single.

What is answer of i love you?

If someone you loves says I love you, you reply as I love you too...! but if its someone should let the person know about what you feel about him/her.. p

Can someone be tried for a crime someone else confessed to?

Absolutely - if all the evidence points to them as being the perpetrator.

What should someone do if they claim they saw you kissing someone else when their dating someone else?

You need ton confront the person you were kissing (if you were in fact kissing them) & ask them if they are dating someone else; if they are, leave them alone. If they're not, tell them that someone (don't mention names) told you that they were dating someone & you just wanted to ask for reassurance.

What should you do if someone you like asks someone else to a school dance?

Find someone else to go to the dance with. Its not like the person you like is getting married. There's still hope. The worst thing you can do is mope about it. Have fun

What if you love the person but they dont love you back the same way?

you should forget him or her,and find a person who love you the way you is not someone else i been there

If you love someone and she Married to someone else?

You should not enter fear with this marriage, go find a single person. This will cause big heart aches.

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