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I wouldn't do anything. Its out just see what happens, he might come up to you. GOOD LUCK!

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well this girl in my school she says kagome kinda likes koga and how she knows it because she saw the whole series

you could : 1. tell him you like him and if he likes you. 2. lie and tell him you dont like him 3. tell everyone you dont 4. tell the truth 5. lie and say you already have a boyfriend so what would i like him good luck , hope this helped :)

Think? She knows! The whole family knows, except, apparently, for Puck and Sabrina themselves!

no opne knows they wont teach it in school.

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no it is never the answer it should be a whole lot shorter!

Just tell him you love kissing him and if he doesn't take the hint that he should kiss you at school, then he is simply idiotic a boyfriend should kiss his girlfriend at all times. In front of friends, behind backs, in front of the whole school, wherever. I'm a dude and if I didn't kiss my girlfriend at school, we'd never really kiss. But just try to tell him if he really likes/loves you, he'd kiss you at school.

You should get their parents to come into school and talk to the whole family about the behaviour. im at secondary school right now and that would definetely make me scared

that is actually a good thing because if he/she finds out then they might like you back and you can go out with them. just ignore the ppl that spread it

Well i don't really understand the part about she cant tell if she likes you. It sounds weird, maybe because i don't know the whole story, but I think you need to tell her you want honesty, you want to know if she likes you, as simple as that, that's not to much to ask, if she doesnt give you a straight answer, that's not fair, and maybe you should do your own thing, and let her come to you, and if not find someone else, maybe her heart isent in the right place right now.


everyone in the world likes david archuletaEvery single person in the whole, entire UNIVERSE likes him!

if she has txting or if u have txting u should ask her over that so no one knows. maybe u should try flirting w/ her and if she flirts back then maybe she likes u. she might just like the guy u hate as a friend or just trying to be nice to him. hope this helps!

it means that he likes you very much but he is afraid of talking to you in public because he might be afraid that his friends will tease him or it will spread to the whole school

EVERYBODY IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It means nothing! He moved on and so should you. His family still likes you because they are neutral in the whole relationship thing that you guys had. I think you should ask him if it bothers him that you are still cool with his family and respect his answer!

Because Obama's down with the kids! Because only everyone one knows that Obama is the most awesomest person in the whole world!

Most ofthe tie they try to include the whole school.