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It doesn't matter. Just continue taking the pills as normal. You can prevent your period by missing out the placebo pills altogether and going straight on to the next pack so don't worry about it.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-10 09:10:27
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Q: What should you do if you accidentally start using your new pill pack a day or two before the green placebo pills were used up?
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When on birth control pills do you still take the green placebo pill if you dont start your period?

You're supposed to start your period after you start taking the placebo pills. To keep on a routine, you should take the placebo pills on their designated days (the last 7 days of the 28 day cycle).

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What color is the sugar pill on ortho tricyclen?

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Does your period generally come during the week taking the green pills?

Yes, if these green pills represent the placebo/sugar pills, then your period will start during the time you are taking the green pills. If you do not get a period during this week, you should consult with your physician. You may need to take a pregnancy test.

What green pill has WPI on it?

This pill is Mononessa (birth control pill) and the green ones are the placebo pills. So basically it's a sugar pill with no medication.

Can you get pregnant if you skip the placebo pills?

It is safe, and it does not decrease protection.There should be no reason why this should happen if they are the placebo pills. Look at the packaging of your BCP's it should say what percentage of active ingredients are in each week of pills, if yours are like mine they say "Each green tablet contains inert ingredients" (or something similar) I.E. there is no medication in these, they're just there so you stick to your regular schedule and don't get in the habbit of not taking your pill daily.

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