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If you have taken a total of 90 mg worth of Adderall/XR, the best advice that I could give you would be to "enjoy the ride."

OR GO TO THE HOSPITAL! If you've overdosed, you will know. Symptoms of an overdose include, but are not limited to: profuse sweating, vomiting, hallucinations. If you think you've taken too much, call a poison control hotline immediately. They will be more capable of helping you than some random dude on the internet. Don't take this lightly, Adderall can be dangerous in high doses.

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Can adderall xr 25 mg and zoloft100mg be taken togather?

These two medication should not be taken together.

Can synthroid and Adderall be taken together?

No, Synthroid and Adderall should not be taken together. Mixing the two drugs can cause adverse reactions. It is best to just take one at a time.

Can Adderall be taken bactrim?

Can you take Bactrim with adderall

How long snorting Adderall last?

Adderall is prescribed for oral use, and should be taken in that manner. If the whole amount prescribed is snorted, its effects will last the same length as if taken orally.

Can benedryl be taken in place of Adderall?

........ Adderall is an amphetamine and will keep you awake. Benedryl usually puts you to sleep. Do you mean taking benedryl to fall asleep after you've taken adderall??

Can you take flexeril with Adderall?

A person should only take flexeril with Adderall if the doctor has given permission. Always ask a doctor or pharmacist what medicines can be taken together.

Can i be treated for depression and anxiety if i take adderall?

One of the possible side effects of Adderall (an amphetamine) is anxiety. This should be taken into account by your physician when prescribing other drugs.

Can citalopram be taken with adderall xr?


How much adderall xr do you need to get high?

Adderall should only be taken as prescribed by your doctor. If you are attempting to abuse your medication, call your doctor right away and explain what you are thinking of.

Can you mix Adderall and nose spray?

I hope you don't mean you want to snort adderall, that just wouldn't work. Also I don't think you should take an allergy medication with adderall, the adderall (taken orally of course) will clear up your sinus anyway (at least for most people it does.

Can Omega 3 be taken with Adderall XR?

Yes; there is no known interactions with Adderall XR and Omega 3.

If you are on adderall should you just stop taking it?

Adderall does not affect your body in any way that could directly cause any reaction when you stop taking it. The simple answer is that you will feel how you did before you started Adderall, which might seem different if you are too accustomed to the feeling of taking it. Adderall may be taken whatever days you choose and doesn't require to be taken on a regular basis. Start and stop as you wish as long as you can function without it.

Example of excuse letter of mistake?

In business or in academics, there is no excuse for a mistake. A letter can be written to acknowledge a mistake, to report a mistake, to apologize for a mistake, to correct a mistake. That letter can include reasons that the mistake was made and should include steps that have been taken to ensure the mistake is not repeated. It is unprofessional to make excuses for mistakes.

If you have taken aspirin by mistake what should you do?

An aspirin or two won't do you any harm. Don't worry about it

Can marijuana and Adderall be taken together?

If the Adderall (mixed amphetamine salts) is legally prescribed and the jurisdiction allows medical marijuana and that too is prescribed then it should be safe. Using both drugs does carry risk and should only be attempted under the directions of a doctor.

Can i take Tylenol cold when taking adderall for a cold?

AnswerI don't think you're taking Adderall for a cold, at least I hope not! Tylenol should not have any interactions with Adderall when taken as indicated.It is recommended that you do not take adderall while you are using cold medicine. Both adderall and cold medicine are known for raising your blood pressure, so if you are taking both it would be a good idea to monitor your BP.

What are drug precautions taking an antihistamine with adderall?

The precaution is that the effectiveness of the adderall and/or the antihistamine may be reduced when the medicines are taken together.

Can Adderall be taken as a booster to Vyvanse in the afternoon?

Yes I think it can

What dose of adderall XR 10mg should be taken for a recreational buzz?

The XR shouldn't be taken recreational-y. It is sustained release, so if you have a bad reaction to it, it will last up to 8 hours.

Does Vyvanse affect your appetite like adderall?

I have taken both and I think that it does.

Does one dose of adderall xr last as long as 2 doses of immediate release adderall taken 5 hours apart?

You should be able to get 8 to 10 hours of therapy out of one dose of XR depending on the dose, and your metabolism

Is Adderall adictive?

HIGHLY if taken above doctors recommended dose. Adderall is Amphetamine which is the same family of drugs as Meth so be careful because addiction to Adderall is very easy and very real

How much aderoll can i take if i way 120 pounds?

First of all, the right spelling of the medication is Adderall (Aderoll is a common misspelling). 120 pounds is a weight of a slim adult person. Adults may start with 10 or even 20 mg of Adderall, gradually increasing the dose week by week if necessary up to 120 or even 160 mg per day in total. A daily dose of Adderall has to be divided into equal parts and taken every several hours to maintain the attention at a higher level, or taken once a day if it does not exceed 60 mg. It has been shown that the higher tolerated dose, the better the response. However, you should never exceed the dose recommended to you by your doctor.

Can vicoprofen and Adderall be taken together?

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone and tylenol) can be taken with adderall is reasonable doses. If taken recreationally, in other words, to get "high", the risk of a fatality increases. Adderall increases desire for certain things. If you are addicted to Vicoprofen and you take a lare amounth of adderall, say (30-60mg) your first time, the desire for large doses of hydrocodone with increase severely. This is not a proven statement but has been noticed in smokers, drug addicts, and anxiety patients.

Will half a adderall show up on a drug test?

If taken prescribed by a doctor im almost positive it will show up ina test, but if given by a doctor for a real purpose(Not taken illegally) you should be fine!

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