What should you do if you are 16 and your partner is over 18 and he got you pregnant?

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2005-05-11 15:15:33

I was in the same boat you were 8 years ago. First I had to tell

my partner then you need to tell your parents. Being a teenager

mother is very difficult so you need all the support you can get.

You need to decide whether you want to keep the baby.Only you and

your partner can come up with this decision because it will be your

responsiblilty. It is a very big decision so weigh out all the

options and make the best decision for yourself and the baby. Your

parents may or may not be too happy about it, but they will stand

by you no matter what. It may take them a while to come to terms

with the news that you will be a young mother. I hope all works out

for you and please keep me posted on what you decided! I know its

hard now and will be hard for a while.

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