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I'm not certain what your exact question is, but you are totally right to be concerned as a parent as well as to be upset by this disturbing news. I have similar issues in my family, and I simply refuse to have contact with or allow any other family member to put my children in contact with the person that did these things. Also, most communities have counseling available at low to no cost if that is a concern. You may want to consider at least a few meetings with someone to talk about this news and work through your feelings and your response.

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How do i call my brother son's?

your nephews

What is the relationship between nephews?

Nephews are the sons of your brother or sister. Therefore nephews who are not brothers to each other are first cousins to each other.

The children of your brother?

If your brother (or your sister) has children they are your nephews (males) and nieces (females).

What is your brother in law's children's relationship to you?

Your brother-in-law's children are your nephews and nieces.

Your brother has 2 children. They are your?

Nephews and/or Nieces

Did Hitler have nieces and nephews?

im not sure about a nephew but he had a niece and he was sexually attracted to her and i think he did you know what with her

Your sister's daughter is your?

If your brother or sister has children, their daughters are your nieces and their sons are your nephews.

Does Jay Leno have any nieces or nephews?

No. He had a brother patrick who married but had no children.

What do you call an offspring of a brother or sister?

The children born to your siblings are your nieces and nephews.

Where do you find the names of Abraham's two nephews?

Abraham(Abram) had MANY nephews.*His brother, Haran, had Lot (Genesis 11:27)*His brother, Nahor, had many sons (Genesis 11:29; 22:20-24)

Why did Richard III kill his brother?

He did not kill his brothers. He might have killed his nephews, but that is not certain.

What relationship is my niece-in-law's brother to me?

You do not have a niece-in-law. Some of your nieces and nephews are that because they are the children of your husband's siblings. They are your nieces and nephews and you and your husband together are their "aunt and uncle."

What would you call your sister-in-law's children?

Your sister-in-law is either the wife of your brother or the sister of your spouse. The children of your brother's wife are your nieces and nephews, since they are also the children of your brother. In some cases they may be your sister-in-law's children from a previous marriage. Then they are not related to you at all. However, if they are very young, it may be convenient to call them your nieces and nephews anyway. The children of your spouse's sister are always your nieces and nephews.

What is the relationship between you and your sister's husband's brother's children?

Your sister's husband is your brother-in-law. Your brother-in-law's brother is not related to you and neither are his children. But he is your sister's brother-in-law and his children are your sister's nieces and nephews.

How are you related to a son of the sister or brother of your husband?

You are the aunt for those children. They are your nieces (girls) and nephews (boys).

Did Rosa Parks have family?

Yes, she had family. She had a mother and father, brother, husband, nieces and nephews, in-laws.

Does Popeye have any brother or sisters?

He has been shown to have nephews, but no siblings, in either the comic strip or the animation.

Is the grammar of nephews' father correct?

It is correct if you are talking about more than one nephew. If only one nephew is involved, it is nephew's father. My nephew's father is my brother. I am talking about one specific nephew. If you mean to refer to the father of your nephews, then it would be nephews' father.

Are grand nieces and grand nephews blood related?

They can be, but they are not necessarily so. I can have grand nephews and nieces who are the grandchildren of my brother (my sibling), and I can have grand nephews and nieces who are the grandchildren of my wife's sister. These two sets of nephews and nieces are not blood related. When you visit your aunt and uncle (married to each other) you are related to only one of them by blood. They are still your aunt and uncle.

Does Kobe Bryant have nieces and nephews?

He has a niece who lives in Suffolk, England my brother goes to her school... I'm English

What is your brother-in-law's children's relationship to you?

Your borther-in-law's children are your nieces and nephews. You are their uncle or aunt, as is your spouse.

What relationship is your brother in law to your grandchildren?

Your borther-in-law is your grandchildren's great uncle. They are his great nieces and great nephews.

How are you related to you great uncle's wife's great nephew on her side of the family?

If your great uncle is the brother of one of your grandparents, his wife is your great aunt but their nephews and nieces onher side are not related to you. Those nieces and nephews (and their children the great nieces and great nephews) have no ancestor who is also one of yourancestors.

Who were Vincent van Gogh's nephews or nieces?

We only know about one nephew, the son of his brother Theo. He was called Vincent.

What is the relationship between your father and your father's brother's children?

The children of your father's brother are your father's nieces and nephews, and your father is their uncle.