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I would imagine you should contact your insurance co. also if you know his insurance co.I would call them and inform them.I would not hand over any cash because you never know in time he may feel a stiff neck coming on and decide he wants to sue you.maybe you could call a legal help line for advice,but jang on to your $$$$

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Some cars are very expensive to repair, and it also depends on what is involved with the repair. I backed into someone in a parking lot and made a tiny dent that could have been pulled out with one of those suction cups, but the owner insisted that she go get it professionally repaired. Of course, that guy replaced the entire panel and it cost over $600. So it's not unreasonable if there is damage on multiple panels or if the frame was bent for it to cost over $1000.

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Q: What should you do if you are at fault for a minor hit-and-run accident on a parked car and now the owner is asking for over 1000 dollars for minimal damage such as a dent?
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