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What should you do if you are dating a man 3 years divorced who is fabulous behind closed doors but unwilling to talk over the phone when his 14-year-old daughter is around and it has been 3 months?

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2006-08-20 06:33:55

This certainly isn't uncommon. You have to think about his young

daughter as she is caught between her father and mother and hoping

upon hope that they will get back together and obviously you are in

the way. It's not the child's fault and is quite normal. Your

boyfriend has to treat this situation very carefully. He must have

heard of a cell phone and he has every opportunity of talking to

you while he's walking, driving, or even from work, so I'd speak to

him about that one. Try getting him to bring his daughter along on

occasion and do some fun things together. It takes time and

patience. If you can do this perhaps you can win at least her

respect for you and make things a little more pleasant between the

3 of you. Remember, it's not all about you or your boyfriend, but a

fightened and hurt 14 year old who loves both parents. Don't give

up on this man!

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