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It's one thing for her to think it but to say it to your face speaks volumes about how she feels about you. She wanted to hurt your feelings and get a reaction from you.

Whether or not her comment is a dealbreaker is up to you. . .but it wouldn't be suprising if trust her less after her dumb comment. You may decide in the future, that she's not compatible with you.

its as simple as that ... u ain't gat wut it takes to get all of her other words, ya game just ain't tight enough, so step it up or be ready to step out. sorry

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If a person that is bisexual tells you that they would never cheat on you is that true?

all depends on the person

What does it mean when a guy tells you to be good?

Answer I would think it means be faithful to him, be true, don't cheat.

Should you cheat on your friends girlfriend?

No u shouldn't cheat on anyone. It would ruin your friendship

If a girl tells her friends she likes you but then tells you she doesn't like you what should you do?

I would suggest to leave as it is...

What would you do if your ex has cheated on his girlfriend with you and he tells you to your face that he didn't cheat on her?

His middle name is "denial!" I'd be more concerned as to why you would want to cheat with your ex on this girl. He's playing both of you and the two of you gals are coming out the losers!

Do you get achievements if you cheat in spore?

No... you just the guilt of cheating... you should never cheat because its not rite and you might get caught then you would be in trouble. Dont cheat! cassie.x

Where should you live?

any place that your heart tells you to live. :) in a house would be a start

Should you cheat on your girl?

No! No you shouldn't. It gives you a bad reputation and it hurts a lot. Look at it this way: Would you like to have someone cheat on you? She might end up terribly depressed. Trust me, you do not want to cheat her.

If your boyfriend tells you i could never cheat on you do you think he still would?

No. especially since i trust my boyfriend...So... do you trust yours? ask yourself. trust is important.

Is it possible to clone a pokemon in heartgold?

Yes. You need a gameshark action replay and you go and get a cheat in any cheat site of how to clone Pokemon and put it onto your action replay. Then put the cheat onto your action replay and start the game. Sorry I coudnt give you a certain cheat site but I would try I also can't give you how to clone them on the game but the cheat site should tell you because my friend did it with but I'm pretty sure you move a Pokemon and then move it back to the excact place it was before.

If someone cheated on a test should you tell?

Yes, you should tell, but before you tell, get PROOF. Because someone who would cheat on a test, would deny it too.

Of 50 students surveyed only 6 percent said they would cheat on a test if they had a chance. How many students would cheat if they had a chance?

The fact that 6% said they would cheat if they had a chance does not mean that 6% would actually cheat. Even if I were determined to cheat, I would not admit my intention in a survey.

What do you do if your married neighbor tells you he has a crush on you and you are also married?

I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you what I would do: I'd tell him to forget about his crush because I wouldn't cheat on my husband for anything in the world.

Are the cheat codes for any game created by the creators of the game?

Yes, cheat codes are usually used during development to check that certain features work (e.g. if the game still works after you have more than 999 cash) and are left for users to discover. Plus, how would anyone know about a game they didn't invent before it came out. You would not know how to create cheat cheat codes if you had no knowledge of the game.

If you could cheat and get away with it would you?

No. Cheating is selfish; hurtful and deceitful. If you love someone you do not cheat on them. If you fall out of love then one should have the guts to face their partner and tell them to their face.

Did Johnny Depp cheat?

No, johnny would never cheat on anyone in his life, he would probably rather swallow a bag of hair than cheat

How do you get under the ground on Call of Duty World at War?

AnswerI believe you can only do it on Wii with certain glitches. On any of the other consoles I believe you would need to cheat.

Why do some cheat codes not work?

It all depends on the developer, and who ports it to different systems. Some cheat codes work in certain devices and not others, that would be who did the port. Also in some versions of the same game, the cheat code might be remove for one reason or another. Some cheat codes may even cause instability, so to improve stability, the cheat code might be removed.

did cole Sprouse cheat on Lili Reinhart and would there be a season 5 on riverdale?

Cole Sprouse did not cheat on Lilireinhart hart they just broke up and there is already a season 5 on river dale you should watch is some time

Would a husband cheat on his wife if he was happy with her?

if your husband was happy with you he would not cheat on you, unless he wasn't in love with you

What does testing of our faith accomplishes in us?

Obstacles that shows or tells us what we should or shouldn't and that we would know better of it.

Are you allowed to cheat in coin toss?

No way! Why would you cheat at anything

Did anyone cheat in the ancient Olympic?

If they cheat the would get killed by the gods.

How do you cheat in card jitzu?

You can't cheat in card jitsu. And even if you could, it would be illegal. And why would you even want to cheat in card jitsu? It would spoil the whole fun of the game.

If your bf tells you his female friend is moving in with him ..rents live there 2.. n he says their just friends should i be worried because i ive been told he doesnt cheat but idk wat 2 think?

I would not trust him.... unless you know the female VERY well

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