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If neither of you are married then there is no reason you can't be together (short of war) if you really love each other. If he's married, move on. If not, then both of you have the opportunity to make it work. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-10-11 18:34:52
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Q: What should you do if you are in love with a guy but cannot be with him?
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What should you do if the guy you love oves another girl?

You should reconsider if you really "love" this guy.

You love this guy but should you get with him?

well if you love him and he loves you and hes a good guy , then go for it !

How do you get someone to love you when your desperate over them and you'd jump in front of a bullet for them and they don't seem to care?

I am afraid you cannot get someone to love you if they just aren't interested. I have been in the same boat, i liked this guy but then out of no where this other guy appeared, and the new guy Is now the love of my life and were planning to get married. The old guy just wasn't the one. The person for you is out there, but you cannot force someone to love you. Love cannot be forced. Its just something that happens when you least expect it.

What are some steps on making a straight guy fall in love with a gay guy?

1. Move on. You cannot make a straight guy fall in love with a gay guy. 2. Find someone who can really love you the way you want to be loved.

What should you say when a guy says i love you?

I love you too. That is, if you mean it.

What should you say spicificly to show your love to your guy friend?

i love you

How do you make a cute guy that is your friend love you?

If the guy is your friend, than you have to respect the space that you two sahre, love cannot be thrusted on a relationship, it developes spontaneously.

What should you do if the guy you love has a girlfriend?

Murder her.

What should you do if the girl you love is in love with another guy?

Dump the girl. If she is in love with another guy then she doesn't deserve you. Don't waste your time on some one who does not love you.

I am in love with a taken guy and I think he may love me too. What should I do?

Ask him out.

I have this guy who is in love with me i also love him but my ex guy call him not to go out with me this guy am Tolkien about is in love with me what do you think i should do?

Why does the ex enter in to the picture? Forget the ex and move on. That's probably he is your ex.

If a girl says i love you in front of my guy friends i have a crush on her should i say i love you back should i believe her?

I think you should say you love her back

Should you tell a guy you love him first?

it depends on the guy some guys get scared off but if it was me i would want you to say you love me

What should you say to the guy you love?

Tell him the truth.

What should you do you love your guy friend as a friend?

be friend

Who should be the first to say 'I love you' in a relationship?

The guy

How do you let a guy know that you really love him?

If you truly love this guy then you shouldn't be afraid to tell him how you feel. You should be 100% comfortable talking to him. He should be your other half. Maybe you should figure out how he feels about you.

I love this guy but i dont want to go out with him but i want to what should i do i dont know what my heart is telling me to do?

if you love him you should go out with him no matter what your heart says but if hes not the kinda guy you want you should not go out with him

If you go out with a guy like him but also have stronger feelings for another guy what should you do?

Love both! It doesn't do for all the heartbreak love causes. Or secretly love the second.

What should you do if you feel that the guy you love is also with someone else?

If your guy is in love with someone else, cut your losses and move on. You can't make someone love you if they don't.

What should you do when you tell a guy that you love him and he says he does not love you?

2 words........ commitment issues :)

What should you do when a guy says i love you?

Say "I love you" back if you love him. If you don't say, "I love you as a friend."

Im a guy and should you tell your guy friend you love him without it being homo?

If your guy friend is truly your friend then yes. If he really is your friend then it would not matter and it should not be considered homo. Just say that you love him as a friend.

What should I do when I'm married and in love with another guy?

either get over the guy or get divorced with your husband

How do you attract a guy who does not love you?

it's very difficult. I think you should choose another guy