What should you do if you broke up with your boyfriend because you always fought and he said his feelings wouldn't change but now he is ignoring you and won't talk to you and you want him back?

You both should have communicated more (part of maturing in a relationship) but you decided to split-up. Even though he said his feelings wouldn't change towards you it's obvious you hurt him and I have no doubt he's getting great sympathy from his friends and they are egging him on and blinding him as far as getting back with you. It's really none of his friends business, but they mean well and don't like to see him hurt. This is the time you find out how mature he is and see if he can think for himself. If you try to contact him and he refuses to answer your calls and won't talk to you then it's time to move on and start dating others. Hopefully you both will have learned from this relationship that even going together you have to work at a relationship and all relationships have problems.