What should you do if you cant learn to trust your spouse?


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* If your spouse has been true to you then you are a highly jealous person and need to seek psychological counseling before you completely destroy your relationship with your spouse. If your spouse has cheated on you then it will take many months; possibly years to ever trust them again. Once trust is broken it is difficult to get back. Seek marriage counseling and the two of you should learn the tools to survive in your relationship if you really love each other.

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well apparently not.... No. Sorry. All relationships need to be based on trust. If you can not trust the person that you are with, you should not be with them. If you cant trust em ' , sure as heck cant be with em .

some times if you have doubt about a spouse most likely means u have a trust issue with that person

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to be honest, with time, you should be able to trust him/her more and it takes a second to break that trust, so you cant go off and trust anybody.d

Relationships begin with trust. if you can not trust him, why are you in a relationship with him?

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The parents should have a certain extent of input but it is really the child's choice. If you don't like who they are marrying or you don't think they are right for them or you cant put your trust in that person you should definetely tell them so they can look into it. It takes someone to say something for them to be able to see sometimes.

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Personally for me, is communication and trust. If you communicate with your sufficient other, then you can open up and share yourself with them and vis versa. Big thing is, you have to learn to trust. If you cant trust the other person, then you can't really love them for them. Always be honest with them to get that in return. If you do this, and the other person doesn't, then don't waste your time on them. But its a two way street when it comes to a relationship. Put in what you want in return. I hope this helps a little bit.

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