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What should you do if you did not turn in a marriage license and it was thrown away over a year ago?

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2007-01-20 03:22:23

You Should Be Able To Get A Copy From The Clerks Office In State

And County Of Marriage. Call They Will Tell You The Person To See.

* A marriage license is not "turned in", either the couple are

married or the license expires and is no longer valid. A license

that was issued more than a year ago would by now have expired if

the marriage never took place. A marriage license is not proof of a

valid marriage. The document that verifies a legal marriage is the

marriage certificate which is signed by the person who performs the

ceremony (minister, judge, JP, etc.)and filed with the vital

records division in the state where the marriage takes place.

Likewise, a copy of the certificate can be obtained from the

state's division of vital records in the state where the marriage

was performed.

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